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I always miss doing outfits. I love doing outfits! Probably one of my favorite things to do for my blog. My stepmom Jessie gives me a lot of things and I have a constant flow of clothes and things coming in and out because it’s like a bit thrift store trade around here, and I got a few things to show that she gave me. I also got some photos from Costco that I thought I’d throw in because I thought they were just so cute. Here’s an overview.

To start out, Jessie gave me this cool Marilyn Monroe shirt that she had cut and ended up not liking the fit on. I really loved how it looked when I paired it with my Victoria’s Secret Dream Angles Air red demi bra which matched the red on the shirt perfectly. I also loved these shredded jeans from Pink Ice (online) because if I put my arms up at all it showed the higher waisted part of the jeans and I just thought it looked so cool; very good vibe from it all. I finished it off with a pair of studded Abbey Dawn high heeled booties. My lipstick was Viva Glam Miley Cyrus II by itself which I feel like also matched the reds I was wearing beautifully! Here’s some highlights of my photoshoot.

The other thing my stepmom gave me was this key necklace that she made and I think it was such a cool detail to throw on. I didn’t really add any other accessories. Should’ve added my bag from my last post!

I guess I took a lot of pictures for this outfit. I just thought it looked pretty good. Thoughts? Here’s the last set of pictures.

What do you think overall? My style is pretty unique and a lot of things I throw together are controversial, but I stand by my opinions – it’s a great outfit! Haha. Next up:

So, the focus pieces in this outfit are the knitted teal top and oversized comfy hoodie. The shirt was given to me by Jessie as well, and I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it at first because I’m not really a fan of this color (on my skin especially) but I always push myself out of any comfort zone with any piece I get to see if I can work it into an outfit I’m proud of. It’s a challenging and fun task and I enjoy it a lot. The sweatshirt was originally my friend Peyton’s who gave it to Baby Blue (Ally) who gave it to me, and since it’s winter and this top is very hole-y I thought it would be interesting to throw on top; my stepmom mentioned it’s not a very chic addition to the outfit, but I believe that, if you feel like it, you can make anything you wear look good. Lol.

Throwing on my favorite casual combat boots (Steve Madden) and a beanie that says Loser (from the brand Loser Machine I believe), I think I added a cool casual vibe to the liquid-leather looking leggings (wow, such alliteration) with the peek of sexy contributed by my Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Flirt demi bra. This is an interesting outfit and not one I typically wear, but it was so fun wearing a whole different vibe for a bit.

I wore this just to run some errands; sometimes I had my glasses on but most the time I had them off, it did add a bit of a different overall look and that was an interesting comparison. I didn’t take as many pictures with this outfit but I tried to be creative, lol! How’d that turn out?

And lastly, let’s check out the photos I got printed from Costco. In addition to my blogging, I love to journal, and at the end of each entry I like to put any picture I feel like either represents that day or is just prominently on my mind, so I sometimes will get pictures printed so I’ll already have some ready for some posts. I printed the main thing that’s been on my mind lately, and her name is Baby Blue (Ally). Now that I have all these pictures, it’ll be easy to finish up each post because I know she’ll be on my mind many of the days.

I got a bunch of 4x7s for my journal, one set of wallets just for various reasons, and finally an 8×8 which I got specifically for my wall. Here’s the gist of it all.

On the top of this post is the overview of my wall area, and then here is a closeup of the pictures. Here’s also a pile of some pictures I got and one I put in my journal. And here’s a bonus…I’ve been putting pictures of my love Candice Swanepoel everywhere! I get awesome Victoria’s Secret catalogs.

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Thanks for reading!!

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