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Hey everyone! Wow it feels like it’s been forever since I’ve posted, geez has it really been so long? Well I have a big messy bundle of stuff I need to post, so 7 065let’s just get right into it.

I’ve bought a lot recently, but this post is purely for my Victoria’s Secret order from a week or two ago (like the 23rd of January?) combined with the Victoria’s Secret lot I got from the mallĀ a couple days ago. Here on the right is the picture of our haul, we basically just got tons of Victoria’s Secret and then a few things from Sephora (coming soon to a new blog post!). That’s just a crappy picture taken by my iPhone 6s but here’s the real sneak peak of the two sets of things, taken by my Lumix Fz40. I’m completely addicted!

So first we’ll quickly go over my tiny order from a bit ago. I ordered for two reasons; one, I needed that panty to match a bra I have (I wore the bra under a teal knit shirt in a post recently) and I wanted to get one of their PINK bras in 30B because when measured, I was always told that’s my size, but Victoria’s Secret smallest size is typically 32B so I get that. So yeah I just wanted to try out the size, it actually fits pretty perfectly but I’ll stick with the higher quality of bras.

Now we jump right into the big lot of other stuff I got recently! I love money day, because it means Victoria’s Secret for days. Maybe this isn’t a lot to most people, but to get $400 worth of stuff in one store trip is a lot to me because I usually get little things here and there. Here’s the lot.

So basically, I got the new limited edition Love Me More fragrance in the 1.7oz size and for that I got a free cosmetic bag. Adorable! I love the scent, it lasts for a long time and is sweet yet still sexy. I also went a little overboard with Valentine’s Day themed panties and it’s lots of hearts and reds and kisses and things. I love Valentine’s Day! I also got a nude colored Body by Victoria panty to go with the Body by Victoria nude strapless bra I got (finally!! my only other strapless bra doesn’t fit me at the moment). There was a bunch of bras for sale for only $14.99 so I jumped at the opportunity and got this gorgeous orchid-y colored front-close Sexy Tee bra, which is like half it’s original price.

I didn’t really go crazy with clothes when shopping there, I just got a kisses sleepshirt 7 084.JPGwhich is just adorable along with a grey sweatsuit. Their sweatsuits are always kind of big on me, but I adore them anyway. I didn’t really take any pictures or
anything for the sleepshirt, but here’s a low quality selfie I took in the middle of the night the other day! Haha.

So! The best for last! The only photoshoot I actually did for this post. Haha, so here’s me rocking this grey sweatsuit, which is an XS but the sweatshirt still drops past my bum and the sweats still drag on the ground a bit (I’m thinking of getting XS – Short sweats next time I order online?) but it’s so amazingly comfy that it’s okay. They had like nothing at all in my size except for this set!

Even though you can’t really see it, the pink straps under the sweatshirt are the straps of the pinkish bra I just got (the Sexy Tee one listed above) and I thought it was just so comfy, no wonder they call it a “Tee” bra it was perfect to wear under this. Total comfort all around. Yay for comfort! I know it isn’t too much of a fancy or exciting photoshoot but I’m feeling better now (I got sick with a bad tooth infection!) and today I might do another photoshoot for the leftover items I have at the moment. Let’s hope I get around to it! Thanks for reading!

P.S. Shown here is my face with a tinted BB cream by Too Faced blended with my new Beauty Blender and set with my De-Slick Oil Control Setting Spray by Urban Decay, both of which I just got from Sephora and will be included in my next post. So you’ll see that soon!