It’s crazy how things can change. A year ago I attempted this photoshoot which I call Cornered, and it’s really sad to me how unhealthy I look! It’s crazy I was even able to do the photoshoot. Cornered was created 8/14/15, let’s compare that to my mini photoshoot Hustler which was created 8/14/16.

So let’s take a look at Cornered. I looked sickly, I didn’t have makeup on, that outfit was atrocious, I had a deodorant mess and I just did not look happy!

Looking at this definitely makes me grateful that I’m not anywhere near that anymore. The Hustler photoshoot was very brief but I did want to throw something together to compare!

I’m so happy to be happy! Stay tuned for more blogging because today I’m going to try to do hella photoshoots!