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Good summer morning to you all! I’ve gotten a few new things here and there and I really wanted to put together this Summer Heat post because I have some not-too-shabby photoshoots to present. There’s three photoshoots: Ignition, Night Flare, and Extinguish. They’re all pretty different but there’s different aspects of all of them that just remind me of summer. Here’s a sneak peak. Read more for the full story!

So the first look in this little book is called Ignition. It’s been a while since I’ve done much photoshooting so when I finally decided to do this one, it really was like reigniting the spark of inspiration that comes and goes. I love this outfit so much because I really love these pants, and I thought it looked so awesome with this Betty Boop top!

The top is a cheap graphic tee from Walmart, which I cropped to make it look actually cute. The pants are from Nasty Gal. I’m in love with them! They’re really comfy and the embroidery is to die for. I love the shirt/pants combo, I really think the pieces compliment each other well even though a lot of people might just call it clashing. The shoes really tied it all together, my favorite Steve Madden booties! I really love this as a summer nights outfit because especially here in Washington it can get a little chilly, but also stays warm so it’s the perfect amount of coverage.

Number two is Night Flare. On this night, I was originally going to shoot outside but then got psyched out by the amount of slugs on our lawn and ran inside. I was really bummed because I really wanted to get that outfit shot, so I ended up crying a bit in my room. But then I just got up and decided to shoot right there in my room. So I spontaneously got up and dove into this photoshoot. I really like how it turned out, except for the smudged mascara part.

This skirt is one of my faves, but I actually have no idea where it’s from! The tag was ripped off when it was given to me. The shirt, however, is from Nasty Gal. Definitely my favorite store for clothes. The shoes I threw on were from Shoedazzle and I think it really pulls the outfit together into a fun summer night-esque look, like the kind of thing you wear when you’re goin’ on the town. I really do like this look even though my makeup was messed up!

Third and final, we got the casual sheep of the herd. The other two looks were a little more bold/dressy, but this is basically a casual interpretation of Night Flare. I call it Extinguish.

The blue crop top comes from some random cheap shirt I found, and I was like hey this would be cute if I cropped it! Haha, it’s cropped like Ignition and blue like Night Flare. The shorts I believe are from Hollister or something like that. Notice my blingy belly ring, I love it! It’s from BodyCandy. My favorite jewelry site. And finally the booties are Abbey Dawn! I love that brand. It’s Avril Lavigne’s clothing line which is currently down low but it still exists. Some of my favorite clothing items are from Abbey Dawn. This outfit is so perfect for summer and it’s definitely one I wear often!

So there’s my showcased Summer Heat, what did you think? Which look was your favorite? Any comments or suggestions? Always feel free to e-mail me at abby@ishopfordays.com!