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Good evening everyone! Yesterday I got this month’s Glam Bag from Ipsy and I was pleasantly surprised with the products I got. I’ve really trying to be blogging more often these days so I thought I should show you everything I got in my September Glam Bag and share my opinions. Today I used all of the products in one look which I’ll show you; at first glance I was most happy about the Tartiest mascara because I’ve tried it before and absolutely love it, but everything else was really new to me. Let’s get into it! Don’t forget to subscribe for yourself, click here!

On one side of the card I got with it it introduces itself as Glamazon, which I think is an awesome name for this bag. When you turn the card over, the first thing they say is “We’re through with lazy beauty!” I love that, it’s inspiring. So first I’m going to go through the products and what I think about them and then I’ll go through what they say, piece by piece.

So this morning, the very first product I used was this Amie New Leaf Deep Pore Exfoliating PolishThis product seems to be part of a UK-based brand, because their website has the prices listed in pounds at first (although when I click on it it switches to USD). I think that explains why I’ve never heard of the brand before. I wasn’t sure what to expect especially since this is on the lower end side of skincare which is something I usually avoid, but this product actually isn’t too bad. I like it, there’s nothing too special about it, it’s just like most exfoliators. Although I have really sensitive skin and this didn’t irritate or hurt my face so I guess that’s a good thing. My favorite exfoliant is Kora Organic’s Exfoliating Cream, which is perfect for my sensitive skin, but this (Amie) one isn’t too bad for how inexpensive it is. So I was off to a fresh start with this exfoliating polish, and then to go on with the next product…

Even though I didn’t have any issues with the exfoliating polish, it’s pretty imperative that I moisturize after I use products like that, especially because I’m a regular user of Retin-A cream. This Advanced Aloe Cream and the Naked Cosmetics brand were both completely new to me, but I know that Aloe is very soothing which is great because yesterday I got my eyebrows done, last night I used Retin-A, and today I used the exfoliating polish. All that together means that some nice aloe cream is just what I need, and this product impressed me more than I was expecting it to. It’s a really nice soft cream and I love the way it feels on my face. I don’t see the product online but they have this other skin cream incase you want to check it out. This brand is, unlike Amie, a little bit more on the high-end side, but honestly I think the price is worth it because it’s not often I find skincare items that I really do like. This is the perfect cream for when I overwhelm my skin with various products and stuff, it definitely calms it down. So, after using the exfoliating polish, I sprayed on some Kora toner and then applied this cream. I don’t like changing up my skincare routine so much since my regular routine works so well for me, but I think I actually do want to include this once in a while! Now let’s move on to the makeup products that I got.

Let’s start with the mascara, which (as I’ve mentioned,) I’ve tried before. When I very first tried this a few months ago I wasn’t sure how to feel about it, but then I came to like the formula quite a bit. This is the Tarteist lash paint mascara by Tarte Cosmetics, and not only is it a nice formula but I really like the packaging of it. It like clicks/snaps into place rather than being screwed on. I definitely recommend this mascara though. Let’s move on to the Mineral Blush I got from BellaPierre Cosmetics.

This is another brand I’ve never heard of. I have the mineral blush in the shade Autumn Glow, and I think it’s incredibly beautiful! I can’t believe I get so many cool things to try for only $10 a month, in addition to getting coupon codes off most of these sites. I’m tempted to go grab another one of these, it’s like a mixture between one of Tarte’s beautiful matte blushes and Champagne Pop highlight from Becca. It’s shimmery, glowy, and has just the right amount of flush. Such a perfect color for autumn.Only thing I don’t like about this is the fact that it’s loose powder instead of pressed powder. Now on to the last item, the lipstick!

The Pixi by Petra brand is sold at places like Target and stuff so I’ve never really picked anything up from them. I wasn’t too excited when I saw this but actually the color is so lovely! The formula is not bad at all for the price, and the color is definitely another great one for autumn. The color I got is Rose Naturelle. The product is called the Mattelustre lipstick. So all of those products make up my makeup look today, now shall we go back to what the card says?

“Put away your sweatpants, let down your ponytail and get glammed up just for the hell of it.” When I first read that I smiled pretty big, because wow, if anything describes me it’s that. I love to get glammed up! Most the time I don’t go anywhere or do anything but I love to glam anyway. That’s part of the reason why I call my style Urban Glam!

“Third coat of mascara?” Check.


“Five extra minutes to conquer the perfect cat eye?” Double check. (except I’m horrible with eyeliner)


“Getting busy with skincare before bedtime?” You know it. (I’m obsessed with skin care!)

So that was my September Glam Bag! I paid $10 and got a really good backup moisturizer, an emergency exfoliator, a pretty color blush and lipstick for autumn, and another trial size of a mascara that I love. Now I can order things from a few of those sites with like 20%, 30% or even 50% off of some purchases, score! Thanks for reading, I hope this was helpful or entertaining in some way! Remember to head to ipsy to subscribe and get your own monthly glam bags!


Too glam to give a damn.