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Hey guys! Today I’m going to show off/review my new shirts I ordered from Teen Hearts. I ordered the Mystery Pack which I thought would be fun for my first order, and I was right. You can get it here. Don’t forget to also use my cool promo code, “SHOPFORDAYS” for 15% off your entire order. So let’s get into it, the three shirts I got are really cool! I try not to get graphic tees as much anymore because I have so many but I just had to order from this site because they’re so vivid and fun. So I just paired each of them with some leggings to show them off, it’s not very creative but the shirts make enough of a statement.

I want to start off with my favorite from this bunch. It’s a graphic skull/brain/trippy piece of attire and I love it. I love how it has a TV and says Rot Your Brain, that’s totally me with my cartoons! I had to pair it with some graffiti leggings I got from like Boohoo back in the day. I also really like this lip combo, it was just Kylie Cosmetics’ Dolce K lip liner filled in my lips with Too Faced’s Lip Injection gloss on top. So some of the pictures are of me with the graffiti leggings and the other is the first pictures I took when I very first got the shirts. I call them “swatch” pictures, hahah.

So the next one is this black “It’s Been Real” top, it has this spaced-out sort of print in the alien’s head so I paired it with my blue galaxy leggings. Love them! I love this combo. Plus, the most fun part — I’m wearing my Lime Crime No She Didn’t lipstick, which is a bright blue that I think TOTALLY goes with this outfit!

Kind of a weird look since I was wearing no makeup at all besides that blue lipstick in some of them, but I like it and I like how galactic it looks. Such a good pair for this outfit! See, now this is a graphic tee outfit that I can actually be excited about. I think the look is pretty creative, compared to most graphic tee outfits.

So now we go to the last one, with this awesome shirt that says “Don’t Be Sad, Be Rad” and this is probably my second favorite. I liked the green scheme on this one so I paired it with my money leggings, which were actually used in my very first ever blog post, Original Gangstress.

This blog post was planned to be pretty brief because like I said I don’t normally like to wear graphic tees all the time, they’re usually a lazy-day thing for me. But hey, if I ever buy graphic tees again, it’ll probably be from this site. I’m so obsessed with their designs. Don’t forget to use my “SHOPFORDAYS” promo code for 15% off!

Speaking of promo codes, I also recently started taking this online class called Fashion Industry Essentials. I’m completely in love with it! Plus if you register here or use my promo code “ABBY3”  you can get $50 off, which makes it so you can pay as low as $9 to start out. Definitely check it out if you love fashion like me!