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It’s Britney Bitch! Let’s talk about Britney. Her recent album, Glory, is my current musical obsession. I was really inspired by all of the surprisingly super impressive beats and vocals, everything about the album is genius. Glorious. So this outfit trio kind of uses this album as it’s focal point, and I hope it inspires all of you to buy the CD as soon as possible. I love collecting CDs, especially Britney! Say hello to Invitation, Make Me, and Private Show. Read more to hear my explanations and in-depth insights on the glorious subject.

The first photoshoot is called Invitation, for a few reasons. One, it’s the first track on the album, and two, something pretty horrible happened this day and it really felt like I was opening a new era again. I’m so excited to live this life and to be me and do what I love, so screw all the people that tried to trip me up. So here it is, kind of a random photoshoot that I’m not a fan of but I totally had to photoshoot that day, to prove to myself and everyone else that I can survive what’s thrown at me. So we begin.

So this is one of my favorite shirts of all time. It’s Juicy Couture which is a brand I’m not too interested in, however it’s from the Behati Prinsloo line and I ADORE her. So of course her designs appeal to me, especially this one, I think it’s cute and it’s comfy as hell. And do you see that bracelet? That’s an awesome Harajuku Lovers bracelet that I found at Goodwill recently. Harajuku Lovers jewelry has always been something I totally love so the fact that I found that thrifting is awesome. Such a cute bracelet, I wish I knew where it was originally sold. I feel like I’ve probably worn those jeans before in previous photoshoots but they’re just Miss Mes. My nail polish is Julep (big surprise; that’s like all I wear) and the color is Evelyn. Belly ring from bodycandy, highlight is Champagne Pop by Jaclyn Hill x Becca Cosmetics, and finally the lipstick I’m wearing is Sola Look‘s liquid matte collaboration with depechegurl. If you want to read more in-depth on that lipstick then you can find it here in my last post. And a little shoutout to Starbucks, I’m always getting iced black tea. So that’s pretty much this random look.

You know, this Glory album makes me want to dress differently. Classier, cuter, the kind of outfits made of lingerie which people can wear to clubs and stuff. That’s not something I could do. But eventually I will! Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. WOW she is SO GORGEOUS! That first photoshoot was very casual and comfy but I get glammed up more than you think. I’ll start packing my photoshoots full of glam.

Picture taken from breatheheavy.com

The second photoshoot is Make Me. The first single from this album is called “Make Me…” featuring G-Eazy, so obviously I needed to represent that. This day was a really cool day because I went to my first acting class, and so I had another bold attitude: Make Me. Taunting and teasing, it can mean so many things, but attitude really fits with the title itself. I actually got a lot of compliments on this outfit while strutting downtown.

Make Me. This is a photoshoot that I actually really like. I feel like the photoshoot itself could use a lot of work but I just really love the outfit. The pants are from NastyGal (big surprise) and I love them to death. I paired them with my Steve Madden booties and of course I had to have some sort of heels because the pants are long and I’m short. Haha, the blazer is something I got in like 7th grade at Kohl’s and I totally forgot it existed until this photoshoot. I think I’ve worn this necklace in a previous photoshoot? I’m not certain, but it’s a diamond arrow necklace also from NastyGal. Now onto the beauty! My lipstick here is Ecstasy by Gerard Cosmetics which I also review in my liquid lipstick post. This was a weird color to pair with this outfit but I love it anyway. I think the highlight I’m wearing here is Mary Lou-Manizer from the Balm. One of my favorite makeup brands! Overall I’m happy with this outfit, although you can totally see the awkward coloring of my hair, I just recently got it done (which you will see below) but this here is a very faded representation of my signature hair. Nail polish here is Cirque Colors NYFW, probably the first manicure I’ve had in a while that wasn’t Julep. I also used the Cirque Colors topcoat on this mani but I gotta say, I’m not a fan. I’m thinking of reviewing a bunch of topcoats in a future post.

The final photoshoot is Private Show where I basically represent Britney with so many material items. Private Show was the second song released from this album and I really think that I can be in my room surrounded by all of this Britney-esque and it really is my own Private Show because this is my dojo and I’m passionate about it.  And of course this photoshoot was done the day after I got my hair done so it’s finally back to how it should be! This outfit is lazy but I wanted to do a really Britney-ish outfit, caked in my favorite Britney novelties.

I like the look of this a lot. I truly am in my own dojo, surrounded by Britney, hahaha. As you can see by the last picture, I definitely have a lot of Britney posters up. And that’s not even half of them. Plus I have tons more in boxes. I really love Britney for so many reasons and she’s been my very favorite since 2009. But hey, this shirt is the one I got at the Femme Fatale Tour of 2011, and it’s one of my 26 Britney shirts. Hah. The sweatshirt is actually the sweatshirt from my second blog post ever, you can check it out here. Such a long time ago! Anyway, the sweatshirt is also from the Femme Fatale Tour. Such a great tour. These jeans I got in like 7th grade so the tag is so faded that I don’t even know what brand they are. However, these booties are ones that I’ve previously posted as well, in an earlier blog post/outfit. I’m also wearing my Britney bracelet that is originally from the Onyx Hotel Tour but I got it from my friend Michael. And how cool does my hair look now? I always have gotten it done like this for almost 3 years but wow I took a long time to get it updated. My nails here are also Julep‘s Evelyn, and hey, let’s look into this makeup!

My face makeup is kind of lacking today but I recently just got the Miss Fabulous palette from Ulta, a collaboration done with Jenny Fox who is one of my top three favorite YouTubers. Let me review it.. I used 4 of the shadows to create this look and they all seemed not too bad, the shimmery ones look really shimmery in the palette but there’s not much shimmer when you apply it. I paired it with the Too Faced Shadow Insurance and Tarte’s Tarteist mascara. This lipstick is a sample I got, it’s Givenchy’s Le Rouge lipstick line I believe. I adore this lipstick and I definitely want to buy the full size. So all in all, that’s my Britney inspired string of photoshoots. And to top it all off I’m including a picture of me with one of my favorite Britney perfumes, Midnight Fantasy, which I think went perfectly with this look! And you know, I definitely am not good at makeup like I rarely ever even put on eyeshadow, so this is a crap example but I thought I’d share anyway.

Song of the Day: Liar by Britney Spears. My favorite song from Glory!