If you know me at all, then you know it isn’t uncommon for me to isolate time periods in my life and call each of them a “new era” as each new chapter unfolds. In my journal blog I have an entire category just for “new eras”, but I haven’t talked much about it on here. The only example I have is my “Selfie Sunday, The New Way” blog post from a while back. I actually discovered how to utilize my camera and I was pretty excited about it, so I did some random photoshoot using the new format I had formulated. This began a whole new era for this blog because from then on my photoshoots actually became good quality. But you know, with the way life events shift, I really think today marks the start of the newest era. I feel like I’m really blossoming into everything I’ve always wanted to be, and everything in my life is falling together beautifully. My girlfriend, my classes, my acting/modeling, my family, and I’m coming up pretty close to November 15th which is my 18th birthday. The most liberating of all days. So, I did this photoshoot a while ago but I thought it was perfect for this post, for a lot of reasons. Continue reading to find out more.



This photoshoot is called “Back to Back” for a few reasons. First of all, I feel like open-back clothes became popular at one point but then there was an iffy period until it really came back again. I got this bodysuit from NastyGal (big surprise) and I think backless bodysuits are really becoming popular these days, and I can see why. I absolutely love this one. I also named it Back to Back because it was one of those photoshoots I did in the same short time period of a lot of my shoots, and it really was like I was photoshooting back to back to back. One after another. I paired this bodysuit with Miss Me jeans and my fun shoes back from my very first photoshoot ever, Original Gangstress. This photoshoot was also done at the exact place that my first one took place.

Let’s talk about these days. These days have been good, I’ve been taking my online fashion class, I’ve been reunited with important people, I’ve been taking my acting classes from my talent agency, I’ve really been learning how to promote my content, and I’ve been feeling so inspired. It’s like my life has finally actually started and not only am I healthy for it but I’m truly thriving. Back to my very first blog post, it was hard for me to even get up in the mornings back then. Then around this time last year I was deadly unhealthy, closer to death than I’ve ever been. And now I’m here, photoshooting in an awesome bodysuit, blogging about this photoshoot that I was really able to get into, and really seeing myself improve. The next few blog posts I’m going to work really hard on and not take any shortcuts. I already have some good ideas for not only that but also for some YouTube videos that I’m thinking of creating. There’s so much world out there to explore and so much progress to be made. I truly believe this is the start of a brand new happiness, and I’m extremely grateful to have gotten to this point! If you’re unhealthy or depressed and thinking you’re near the end of your journey, just hold on. Because right when you get to your lowest point you’ll start seeing everything slowly fall into place and slowly get up in the clouds. Yes it’s pretty high up and it would be a harsh fall if you fell, but it’s worth trying, the happiness is really worth fighting for no matter the negative repercussions┬áthat take place later in your life. You’ll be able to get through all of it.

The lighting is kind of weird on these, but I hope this shows you that today marks the day that I begin to just thrive. Just thrive, not just survive. I’m so thankful to be alive.

Song of the day – The Voice Within by Christina Aguilera. I love this song and I love this album, I might do a post inspired by it.

When there’s no one else, look inside yourself

Like your oldest friend, just trust the voice within

Then you’ll find the strength that will guide your way

You will learn to begin to trust the voice within.”