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Happy birthday to me! On the 15th, I finally turned 18 and did some awesome things to celebrate it. I’ll tell y’all all about it. First, here’s my day-before-my-birthday outfit/photoshoot, that I did on the 14th. I was really excited for the 15th and dang was it fun, I not only spent the day at the spa but I also went to the Cheesecake Factory and Gucci! That was a lot of fun. My main birthday present was my new Gucci bracelet, and you’ll definitely see that in a lot of upcoming shoots. So now presenting, Heart Pumps Blood!


  • Top – Nasty Gal Take Sides” ribbed crop top in rust; originally $38. (featuring a Victoria’s Secret bra peaking out)
  • Skirt – Nasty Gal Living After Midnight” studded skirt, originally $238
  • Necklace – Gemelli “404 Diamond Necklace” it’s like 0.10ctw diamond haha, originally $98
  • Earrings – I think they’re from Icing from like 4 years ago
  • Lips – uhhh… I think it might be the Literally gloss from Kylie Cosmetics but don’t quote me on it. I forgot to write it down!

I really like this crop top, like it’s actually in my top 5 favorite tops haha. The outfit in general is definitely one that I’m fond of, the whole thing together totally just screams “18th birthday” to me. Does it not?

Anyway I really can’t believe that I’m 18 now. I want to get into details about how I celebrated!

So I spent a great chunk of the day at the Gene Juarez spa in Seattle, with Ally (my girlfriend) and my mom. I then had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory (and got 4 pieces of cheesecake) before, finally, I went to the Gucci store in downtown Bellevue! You gotta see all this.

Obviously, my favorite part of the trip was getting my Gucci bracelet. I’m really excited about it, you guys will definitely see more of it in soon soon photoshoots! So, that’s about it, I’ll leave y’all with that. Happy 18th to me, this is a beginning of a whole new chapter of my life.