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Hey y’all! Today I’m doing a little PSA post, the first of many. In this post, I’ll show you two new outfits and one old one and tell you about the messages and significance of them. The first shoot (and the main one) is called Growth, and the shirt reads “EVERY THING YOU GO THROUGH GROWS YOU”. I adore this top, it’s from Nasty Gal, I got it on sale and love it to death because it’s comfy and I love the message. I love personal growth, I love life, I love living and becoming more of a person, and as an 18 year old (finally) I can truly come to fruition. The other new shoot is called Young Foolish Happy and the shirt reads the same thing. This is a merchandise shirt from Pixie Lott’s second studio album of the same name. I love the message of that one too. So check out these two shoots and see the throwback one too!


  • Shirt – Like I said, I got this top from Nasty Gal. Originally $48Originally $48. Such a comfy shirt, they’re all OS, I love it.
  • Jeans – Miss Me’s. No makeup
  • Message: this is the most important part of this mini shoot. I have another blog called Worry Just Enough where I write so much about what I think and believe, and this shirt really hits the nail on the head when it comes to highlighting one of my strongest beliefs. Every single thing that you go through grows you in a way that strengthens you more than you know. I’ve been on my deathbed, I’ve been through hell and back, and from all that I really know who I am and I love myself dearly. I know myself better than I know anything or anyone, and that’s not something everyone can say. It’s like on my blog post Post-Prosperity, I truly was honing in my self and embracing my flaws yet still growing from everything. I re-read that post when I’m down and it really humbles me, because I know that after every storm, there’s a beautiful rainbow. And from then on, I’m stronger.
  • Song of the Shoot: Up We Go by Lights. I prefer the acoustic version, too. “From down this low, it’s only up we go.”

Young Foolish Happy

  • Shirt – I got this from Pixie Lott’s website, here I believe. At the moment there’s not much for sale but back in like 2010 around when this album came out, I got this shirt and another shirt. I adore them. I really love Pixie Lott’s album Young Foolish Happy and I also love the message of it.
  • Lips – Ciate London‘s Liquid Velvet lipstick in Diva
  • Sweats – Victoria’s Secret
  • Bracelet – Gucci. (read about it in my last post)
  • Necklace – made by my stepmom (Boss Kty).
  • Message – One thing I really love about being young is that I truly can be foolish and happy. This album from Pixie Lott is such a goldmine and I love the way it weaves into my life, like her song Bright Lights (Good Times) pt II. That has been my favorite song for years. It’s okay to be foolish if you’re constantly growing, and as long as you’re happy, your youth is priceless. I do want to learn and grow, but I also want to enjoy life in the meantime. I definitely do. This mini shoot also randomly corresponds with this blog post from January, called That Youthful Glow. I was finally gaining some happiness and strength through taking care of my face, and finally I was starting to enjoy each day.
  • Song of the Shoot – Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy, originally by The Tams but covered by Pixie Lott. “Live everyday in the bright sunshine”.

And, finally, throwback to February in a very cringe-worthy shoot. I don’t think I ever really named this shoot, but it was in my post Victoria’s Valentine.

I posted this in February and I honestly was so sick around that time, it truly wasn’t a good time in my life. So this was me making an honest effort, but I was extremely sick. However I still photoshooted. This shirt says Kiss Don’t Kill, which is a basic message but honestly I don’t think this is stressed enough. There really does need to be a lot more love in the world, and I truly am a city version of a hippie. Info on this outfit:

  • Shirt – Billabong? And plaid shirt is a thrift find (same with the skirt)
  • Lingerie – Victoria’s Secret Sexy Tee bra, from their Valentine’s Day collection. Also thigh highs from VS. Garter belt is from the Intimate Britney Spears.
  • Boots – Steve Madden
  • Ring – Trisha’s Treasure Chest (by Trisha Paytus or whatever) (Necklace is made by my stepmom)
  • Lips – I am 80% sure that the lipstick here is MAC Cosmetics‘ Viva Glam III, but I’m not completely sure.
  • Message – So yeah I truly am pretty hippie. I think the world should be about love, understanding, communicating, helping, cherishing. Anytime I see someone who’s homeless in Seattle I offer any food or money I have because they’re beautiful people who deserve real lives because they’re just as real as me or anyone else. I wish everyone would really embrace each other and realize that we’re all so incredibly precious. I don’t blog nearly enough about my love for others, but I do love to blog about balance and life, like in this post To Brag Or Not To Brag or this one A Grey Circle Anatomy.
  • Song of the Shoot – Electric Kiss by Lady Gaga. A beautiful song from like 2005… “We’re gonna give the world some of this, electric kiss. I’m gonna change the world with my lips, one voice forever, we’ll live together – peace love solitude and happiness, electric kiss”. Beautiful.

So there you have it folks. My messages of happiness, love, peace, and I hope you enjoyed the presentation of it all. I’m not sure if I’m going to make more posts like this very much, but I hope you got something out of this PSA. I love you all!