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Hello all! I hope you’re having a good Thanksgiving! Today I wanted to take the time to express my thanks for everything that I’m blessed with, including this blog and all the people who view it. In this world, the thing that I’m most thankful for is getting to spend time with my beautiful girlfriend Ally, but also the ability to express my passion and creativity through my photoshoots which I adore. It’s really like living the dream, all I ever want is to ┬ábe able to express this love of fashion I have and I definitely do get that!

I know that with a lot of different holidays I make a special outfit for the occasion, but today I just wanted to go down memory lane with the past year and talk about how thankful I am for how I grow and how I live and how I thrive. Continue reading for some throwbacks.

Giving thanks for 2016….

January 2016

January started off pretty rough. I wasn’t doing too good at the start of this year, however I was still able to do some photoshoots here and there through the struggles. I had a lot of things going on, but I was still happy that I got to spend a lot of my days with my love Ally. Here’s some highlights from the month.

February 2016

I’m so thankful for February, because even though a lot of things fell apart for me socially, I really started discovering my blogging creativity and spent a lot of time devoted to fun shoots that I’m actually still proud of. I’m really thankful for all the cool things I got that month, and all the things I learned.

March 2016

March was a pretty hard month for me. I wasn’t talking to Ally much at the time, and I didn’t even do one photoshoot! But by the end of this month, I finally kicked my depression, made up with Ally, and continued life. So there’s not much from this month, but I’m thankful I got through it!

April 2016

April was great! Ally came home from Idaho, I went to a symphony, I got tea with my favorite people, so many adventures and fun things. This really was my revival, another month that I’m so thankful for.

May 2016

May is a month that I’m not necessarily proud of. I bonded a lot more with Ally, however, this is the month where she and I would go out every day to get drunk with our friend, which was a very counterproductive idea of life. But after all of this, I think I kind of got my teenage craziness out of my system, so now I can look back at those days and laugh and know that I never have to act crazily again, because of the firsthand experience. Haha

June 2016

I love being thankful for all of these months and I’m excited to live the last month of this year…But in the middle of the year, I hung with my girl, went to a baseball game with her, relaxed, learned, lived, and near the end of the month, finally I did some new shoots for a new blog post. And a lot of them were really inspired!

July 2016

I love July! July 2015 is when Ally & I first started dating, and so it was fun to celebrate the 4th this year with her just like last year. I love her to death, and she and I have been through a lot, and she’s a trooper for standing by me through it all. In July I only posted 4 blog posts.

August 2016

The end of August was a little rough with my life and with Ally and all, but I was still able to post at least a few times on here through the month. Not impressed with the photoshoots that I did, I think they were really amateur, however the fact that I was upset and was still able to turn on my camera and shoot is an accomplishment to me. I got to do a lot of fun things that month, so there’s a plus. I bonded with my bestie.

September 2016

September I really started gaining momentum! Out of this year, September was the month I blogged most in. I was doing so many shoots, trying so many different things, being patient with my work, putting in hours of effort, actually cropping my photos, finding better lighting, ETC it was great to finally be improving!

October 2016

More time with my baby, and more improvement with my shoots. I love the fall time, and I’m so grateful for all the cool things I got to do this month.

November 2016

And finally, we get to this month! I’m so excited to be ending this month but I’m also really glad for this month. This is my birthmonth so I got to celebrate turning 18, along with more time with my baby. I love reflecting back on the year and I’m so excited for December and all the things I got planned for it. I hope you were somewhat amused by this throwback, and just you wait for more shoots up soon!


Happy Thanksgiving!