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Good morning everyone! I’m excited to share with you this outfit I shot the other day, because it’s definitely a favorite for me. I got this awesome bodysuit from Nasty Gal (the brand is Lavish Alice). I wore it a couple times but finally got around to actually shooting it and now I want to share it with you. I call this photoshoot New Game because it really is an introduction into another great leg of my fashion journey. I love elaborating on my style and becoming extinct.

  • Bodysuit – Nasty Gal – this was the focus piece for this outfit, I adore it! The brand is actually Lavish Alice.
  • Skirt – unknown
  • Shoes – Nasty Gal (you can also see them here:
  • Bracelet – Gucci
  • Jacket – Nasty Gal
  • Lips – Yves Saint Laurent oil-in-stick lipstick #6

Bringing it all together – what I love about this bodysuit is…well everything! On it’s own it is a god piece! But the skirt was a thought that I think works beautifully to pull it together, this all really creates an Abby-Esque look. These spike heels are my go-to for SO many reasons, because I just love and adore them so much. So yeah it was simple…bodysuit with skirt, shoes, and sometimes the jacket. Such a look I’m in love with!

Mood of the shoot: It’s like a going-out type of outfit but I also wear it to the movies or the mall or hanging with a friend or basically anything. However I categorize this style as “Glam”.

Song of the shoot: I’ve Just Begun (Having My fun) by Britney Spears. Because this truly is a photoshoot and a song about finally getting to have some fun, it’s like a whole new chapter.

Love you all!