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Hey! Sorry I haven’t been blogging a lot lately, I’ve been lacking inspiration. Which is crazy because a year ago today I started my 12 days of Christmas for last year, and seriously posted every day for 12 days. Wowza! I’m going to attempt to do cool Christmas things again this month, but first I have to show y’all something that’s really past due. A couple months ago I got a crew neck sweatshirt that says “It’s Britney, Bitch” and last month I got a shirt that is the exact shirt she wore in her Private Show commercial! It’s so awesome! So I decided to post about those two things. Both photoshoots are decent, but bear with me here. Love doing inspired posts of Britney, these work so well together!

So the first shoot is this one, called “Gimme More” (because It’s Britney Bitch is a line from that song) with my Private Party brand crew neck that I got from Nasty Gal. This is size XS, kind of wish I could get the XXS but it was out of stock. This is such a cute top, it’s definitely very simple but I’m obsessed with it. If you know me at all, you know I love Britney.

With this I had a couple different looks going on. I wore a Too Faced matte liquid lipstick in 1998 at some point and then at another point I put a clear gloss over it. It’s crazy, I think pink lipsticks are kinda hard for me to pull off, but I like them. I also curled my hair with the thinnest curling iron in the world. Note to self, get a better curling iron. Anyway, I wish I got the smaller size to fit me better but this is still an awesome sweatshirt and it’s so comfortable!

So the second shoot is called “Take Your Seat“, which is lyrics from her song Private Show which was played in the commercial, and really it means y’all should really take a seat because Britney and I are slaying. Hahaha, anyway, this is for this awesome shirt from Bossa that I got from Nasty Gal, when I saw it I thought it looked really familiar and then I realized it’s the exact shirt that Britney wore for her Private Show commercial! I have the same shirt as Britney, that is bomb af. I wish I had the high waisted panty thing that she wore too, but sadly I don’t have that.

All I did here was put on Kylie Cosmetics So Cute gloss, Benefit‘s Roller Lash mascara, and a tiny bit of highlight. My skin hasn’t been doing well lately which is another reason I haven’t been shooting much lately, it’s just been so much stress and lack of a good diet. Anyway, I know this shoot is kinda horrid, but I hope you see how cool it is that I’m twinning with Britney. I love her so much…And I love this shirt. It’s a win-win.

Here’s the commercial where she wears this top!

Obviously the songs of┬áthe shoots are Gimme More and Private Show by Britney. I really adore how fun it is to dress like this, and I adore Britney and all that she puts in my life! I’m loving Britney’s latest album and I’m of course loving all her others too. I hope this was entertaining to read, thanks for looking! Make sure to check out my Christmas posts from last year!

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