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Merry Christmas all! I know that last year I had 12 days of Christmas where I literally posted a different festive Christmas post every day for 12 days, and I was really in the spirit back then. I had my mini tree up, I did holiday nails, themes etc…But this year I just really was not feeling it. At all. I mean today is Christmas and I still don’t feel the Christmas spirit. I’m not really sure why. However, despite all that, I still did have a small Christmas, so I thought I would post about it anyway. I’m really excited about it, because even though it was one of the smallest Christmases I’ve ever had, it honestly was one of the best. Continue reading to get the details.

So let’s start with Christmas Eve. I headed to the mall at noon and spent a good 4 hours shopping at two different malls. It was exhausting but it was actually really fun! I got to hang with my mom all day. I did some fun shopping, but was tuckered out so I decided to hide in my room for the rest of the evening. So here’s the random pictures from yesterday, blah blah blah.

But now for Christmas. Like I’ve been saying, I really didn’t do much this year. My mom gave me a few gifts today: a Kendall & Kylie sweater (I’ve wanted something from K&K SO bad and she picked the CUTEST sweater coming soon to the blog), a bath & body works candle (she and I really share the enjoyment of fragrances in our air) a Sephora gift card and finally some short UGGs. I actually have asked her for some for the past 3 years but I just got knockoffs at the time (but I gotta admit the knockoffs were designed a lot cuter) (you can actually read about them in this blog post but it’s a very old and amateur post lol) but now I have real UGGs that feel like heaven. I didn’t even mention them this year but they were on my Christmas wishlist for years! She remembered how much I wanted them! I’m so happy, I got to wrap my mom a present of clothes from her favorite store and wrote her a note on how I love her. I appreciate everything about her, everything she does, and I’ve never met anyone more like me than her! So that’s a good thing. Lol (except maybe my dad). But anyway, here’s a general picture of the few things, plus my facial expressions as I opened these cute things lol.

…and the funniest thing ever was when my brother received a bag of flour (& sugar) because my mom asked him for Christmas cookies but we were out of sugar. His face when he pulled it out of the box was priceless. Hahaha!054

But anyway, that was my Christmas. I’m not going to show the UGGs or sweater tooooo much because there will be a blog post about them coming up this week! In the meantime, check out my last Christmas. I definitely got more stuff and got to hangout with my babygirl, but honestly this Christmas is one of the all-time best from my life. Ally made last year amazing and I’m sad that she’s in Idaho today but I’ve really, really bonded with my family today! I’m so happy. Plus, there’s even MORE Christmas Throwbacks, in this blog post.
I really sincerely hope all of you have a good day today, and I’m so excited to start getting back into REAL posts of my new outfits and things, money has been tight these days though so I haven’t been able to order too many new outfit pieces 😦 but farewell! I promise I have another blog post coming before the new year!

Song of the Day: I feel like I’m supposed to throw out a Christmas song but I honestly have not listened to any Christmas music this month or even this year, LOL. Like I’ve said, I really haven’t been in Christmas spirit..but…I like Ariana Grande’s Christmas music. Lol

LASTLY…. Let’s reminisce about last Christmas. I got to see my babygirl!!!!! It was SUCH a happy day, we got back together on that day and were weirdos like we always are. Hahaha I love you baby!