There’s a really quick and easy way to shift from a winter wardrobe to a spring one. I’ve been so excited about it! It’s just mid-January and the weather won’t really start going up until March, however my favorite thing ever is ditching the 229 layers of jackets and coats and keeping things a bit lighter. I was just going to flashback on some shoots to show you how I personally shift. Usually in photoshoots I don’t bundle too much but in real life I definitely do.

Okay I’ll admit it – my shift is usually pretty dramatic. I go from sweatshirts/hoodies to dresses with no sweater. Lol, so maybe this post isn’t too explanatory in the whole “shifting” department. Here in Seattle, it’s usually around 40 degrees Fahrenheit and around 60 in March. It goes from annoying to totally bearable, so I quickly shed my winter coat and transform into a much more proud attire.

Started from the cold…

And got a bit warmer.