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It’s crazy that my very second ever blog post was about a Lana poster I made. I deleted it because I got bored of it, but I’m back to tell y’all all about Lana Del Rey and the impact she has had in my fashion world, etc etc… So yeah, let’s just immerse ourselves in Lana, and let me take you on a ride.

January 2014 is when I very first started getting into Lana. I gotta blog about her because her art is phenomenal. Checkout @musictofuckboysto on IG that was my old account. But hey, in Jan 2014 I even dyed my hair auburn specifically to look like Lana. LOL

That’s what began everything, and you know, I’ve had a lot of Lana-esque moments in my life. Like a few of her songs are pretty relate able. She’s impacted my fashion in a couple ways. One of the ways is the certain style I had when I was living the hooligan Lana-inspired life; then I also have fashion inspired by how Lana dresses and her aesthetic. And finally, I have shirts and jewelry and shit that have Lana plastered on them and I love it

Hooligan days – attire: Born To Die as fuck. BTD is the soundtrack to this tbh, because thats all we played back then. It was our thing. All this is from mid 2014

The sad thing is, this is a little too true. Delaney and Lauren were the best friends I’ve ever had…but Lauren passed away 2 years ago. But when we were frolicking around, we had so much fun. In every way. I love these girls, and Born To Die was our album. This first picture was from an exhausting day running around Seattle.

The In-Between Days – attire: a little hooligan mixed with vixen. I know Paradise was an EP and not an album, but this little era after my hooligan days… well, on the line between hooligan and just teenager stuff. Hahaha, and the songs are definitely another soundtrack for this era. All from late 2014

The Death Days – attire: hooligan + lazy + experimental urban. This is the point of my life where I was beginning to fade out of my lighthearted hooligan things and I really became a damsel in distress, to the fullest extent. I was at the lowest point I’ve ever been, but, it was still a beautiful time.

All of this was from January 2014 – June 2015. At the end of June I met Ally and everything in my life changed; all the turbulence and yet I’m still with her today. So, let’s talk about Honeymoon. This really is a Honeymoon era for me, because I’m finally with someone that I love… And even though it’s hectic, it’s enchanting. So, here’s some relatable pictures of July 2015 – now (January 2017). Seems like a long time, right? Most of these are things from 2016. 2016 was the entire Honeymoon era.

The Honeymoon Era – attire: experimental in so many ways…very diverse. Not only does this relate to the Honeymoon album but in general too. Ally and I have a relationship that is definitely from this album. Lol

Makes ya think, right my loves?