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Hey y’all! I just want to say, a year ago today I was doing my Marilyn shoot for my Marilyn, Knits & Memories blog post and today I’m photoshooting with simply a glossy lip stain and super fluffy faux fur coat. I sure tried a lot harder on the Marilyn shoot than I did with this one, but yet the pictures from today are somehow still better. I really need to get back in the habit of blogging more often!

Anyway, I got a faux fur coat from Nasty Gal for $198, and it’s so fun! A couple days ago I took a few pics with it on and today I took a few more but overall there was like less than 15 photos total, whereas last year I took over 50…Lol, but hey, I’ll try harder soon. No more empty promises. Here’s this fun look!

  • Jacket – Faux fur patchwork piece from Nasty Gal, $198
  • Top – a Lana Del Rey tee, promoting her Ultraviolence album. I posted all about Lana in an earlier post so I was just feeling it af.
  • Bottoms – black skinnies, which I think looks perfect with this outfit.
  • Beauty – Kourt K liner by Kylie Cosmetics topped with YSL glossy lip stain in 11.
  • This is such a statement outfit. I wore it around the mall and got so many compliments. I’m hoping to get back into fashion instead of these lazyish shoots. I love it so much though. Anyway, here’s the other shoot; same jacket but paired wtih a black crop top and knee-ripped jeans.

    With this shoot I also threw on a Hip Hop Kids button (from Portugal. The Man) and the RiRi 2 lipglass from MAC. I really like this shoot even though it was lazy, but dang, it was fun. Got any ideas on how I could style this coat? Comment below or e-mail me! abby@ishopfordays.com

    Song of the Shoot – Bound To You by Christina Aguilera

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