Hey everyone! How are y’all? Today I have a late-winded post that I should’ve written a few days ago, but on Saturday I went to see Felly again. Definitely my favorite rap artist, I saw him on his last tour and this concert was just as bomb. So I photoshooted my outfit that I wore to the concert and some quick pics of me wearing the shirt I got from the concert. Exciting!

The photoshoots are called “Cella” (the name of the first song I ever heard by him) and “Young Fel” (the name of his newest EP).


  • Dress – I got it at Wet Seal in like 2013, not sure, but it’s pretty bomb.
  • Jacket – From a wholesale-sort-of store, Alley Kat in like 2012
  • Necklace – 0.06ct diamond arrow necklace from Gemelli. It’s so delicate though, it keeps breaking.
  • Fishnet Tights – Nasty Gal
  • Shoes – Black Vans
  • Makeup – treStique matte lip crayon in “Florence Fig”, and my highlight is Champagne Pop by Jaclyn Hill x Becca Cosmetics
  • Song of the Shoot – Cella by Felly, of course!

I loved how I paired the dress with the vans, it was a perfectly cute yet practical combination for the concert. The concert was at El Corazon in Seattle, the smallest venue I’ve ever been to! It was an awesome concert though. Here’s some concert photos and videos.

Yay! And then I got this awesome long-sleeve t-shirt for $30.

  • Jeans – Miss Me

That’s about all I’m wearing. Lol, but Song of the Shoot is Business by Felly, SUCH a bomb song! One of my very favorite Felly songs!

So what do you think? Are you excited to see the next concert post? It should be coming at the end of this month…Can you guess who it is? Hint, it’s another rap artist, but he isn’t that well known.