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Remember in Spring/Summer 2016 when Moschino released a collection that was super awesome? They always release awesome collections, but the significance of this one is, I got their “1st Story” sequin crop top  recently and it’s like my new favorite thing ever. You know, it’s crazy, a year ago today if you would’ve told me that I was going to blog all the time and get some treasured designer items, I would’ve laughed then been sad, because I wouldn’t have believed it. Around this time last year I went a long time without blogging. I lacked inspiration and motivation, but now, everything is completely changing. I’m learning, I’m growing, I’m an adult now and I’m taking fashion more seriously, and it is…The best possible feeling in the world. To see my passion swirl around me in a beautiful hurricane of styling, blogging, shopping, etc is all I could ever want. This truly is such a passion.

Anyway so I’m dressed like a stop sign except of course it says SHOP not stop lol, and it’s sequin! Continue reading to see the look/this awesome shirt!

The focal point of the outfit – Moschino “1st Story” SHOP sequined crop top (retailed at like $1,095). The rest of the look was really simple, but:

  • Bottoms – I took some pictures in grey jeans from Alley Kat 6 years ago and then like halfway through the shoot I changed into some different jeans (also from Alley Kat lol) they’re both super old but I like them.
  • Shoes – I didn’t take too many full-length photos but I’m wearing booties from JLo’s Kohls line
  • Makeup – Really simple, I have on the Roller Lash mascara by Benefit, Tarte’s water foundation in light neutral, Tarte’s park ave princess matte bronzer and MAC Cosmetics lipstick in Ruby Woo (classic) and I think I lined it with MAC’s Redd lip liner as well.

Such a simple look, but honestly this shirt was so awesome that I didn’t really need to add too much else to it. I don’t own a lot of designer clothing but I’m sort of easing my way into that world. What’s your favorite piece of clothing from their SS16 collection?

I really like the sequins on this, they really truly aren’t cheap which is good because it’s so easy for sequins to be cheap. It was just the right amount of bling, and it fit me SO perfectly. (I think the size is it38) What do you think of the look? Any ideas for future outfits?

Song of the Shoot: Legendary by POWERS