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Good afternoon all, how are you? Today I have something pretty exciting. First, let me back track a little bit. A few months ago Nasty Gal released a collection with a really cool sequin chained dress that I wanted so badly! But for $248 I thought I’d probably have to either wait on/pass on that, but, Nasty Gal recently has/had 70% off of EVERYTHING. Isn’t that insane?! So I swooped by real quick and snatched this dress up, and now I have it. Had to jump at the opportunity! Now, about the dress. I think it’s really cool, but I don’t like how it’s shaped on my body too much. However, I also bought a couple of the accessories that the model online was wearing with it, and I threw that into the outfit mixture as well. So it ended up kind of cool, but what do you think? Let’s get more in to it. By the way, I did this photoshoot in such a hurry so my hair was still pretty wet, but oh well, right? Haha.

The Look: Alice in Chains dress by Nasty Gal, $248

  • Dress – Like I said this is in the Alice in Chains dress from Nasty Gal, and I think it’s so unique and cute. It’s like, sequin all over, with a camo sort of pattern, with little pieces of the front covered 360 degrees in little chains, and the bottom hem of the dress is dangling with chains as well. I got this in an XS and I’m glad I didn’t get an XXS because it fits me pretty snuggly!
  • Coordinating Accessories – So I was scrolling through Nasty Gal and I found these one adorable gloves, and the model was wearing this dress too. So I added it to my crushes list and when time came around to buy the dress, I snatched the gloves up as well. Plus, in the main picture of the dress the model was wearing these earrings, so I got them too. They’re simple but super cute and I love how all of it really adds to the fun but real vibe of this dress. So both of those things are from Nasty Gal, the gloves were $15 and the earrings were on sale for $8!
  • Accessories that I threw on myself – I got this blazer back in 2013 from Kohls and I still totally wear it. I draped it over my shoulders but once I was cold I actually did put my arms inside, haha. And then I put on a very simple rhinestone “A” inital necklace which I think helped pull the blazer together with the dress.
  • Makeup – So I like actually kinda did makeup for this shoot. On my eyes I used the original Naked palette by Urban Decay which I thought matched beautifully, with Benefit’s Roller Lash mascara. On my face all I have is YSL’s touche eclate concealer and Tarte’s water foundation in light neutral, plus the Peach Nectar highlight from Anastasia Beverly Hills and a little bit of blush.
  • Lips – lips are always important. For some reason I just felt like using Sola Look’s Depechegurl liquid lipstick? I lined my lips with the Candy K liner from Kylie Cosmetics’ lip kit but for some reason I just had to use the Depechegurl lipstick. Maybe it’s because of the tone of the outfit? Sigh, I should’ve done my hair, but it was wet, and parted on the right for the first time in millions of years lol
  • Finally, shoes. My favorite booties ever, from Steve Madden. (originally $130 like 4 years ago).
  • Song of the Shoot – VIP by Ke$ha. You know what’s so weird? Well, VIP is a bonus track from Kesha’s album Animal, and if you look at the cover for her Animal album (below), it has a lot of the same color scheme/aesthetic as this outfit. And this song just matches the vibe. I love it!

So let’s talk about this outfit. There’s a few things about it that are pretty unique that I really like. First of all though I gotta say the dress isn’t very comfortable and is a strange fit, BUT it’s so sparkly and pretty! But also, have you like ever seen me wear gloves? Lol, I parted my hair on this side and adventured out into an accessory like these bombass gloves, and it turned out so cool. It’s a little out of my normal fashion area but I love trying out new trends. Gloves aren’t worn much around here, so when I waltzed into Michaels to get beads I got some funny looks haha. But I love this look! I felt powerful, I felt like a sparklier version of me. Isn’t this dress just “me” as fuck? It was fun to play dress up today.

I really did have SO much fun with this. I can’t believe I got this dress, I truly thought I never would. Anyway all I did was wear this to go buy Kandy (rave) bracelet beads and dropped something off at the dry cleaner. Lol…Exciting day right? At least I got to shoot this! What do you think of the look? Should I branch out more with accessories? I’ve never really been TOO into accessories but I bought some really bold ones that you’ll be seeing in upcoming shoots! Thanks for reading!