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Good morning world, how’s it going this May? Today what I have to show you are my shoots from The 1975 concert. What I wore to the concert, my #ConcertAttire, and how I styled & wore the merchandise items I got from the show. The concert was on April 30th, 2017 in Seattle at the WaMu Theater. This was my second time seeing them in concert, the first time was last year actually. One of my favorite traditions, doing these photoshoots after some of the shows. I’ve been starting to experiment more with my fashion, so I haven’t been shooting as much, scrapping some of what I wear but using the outfits constructively to get something good out of them. But for now I have this post, I’m excited to show it to you! I named these shoots after The 1975 and the single By Your Side!

The 1975 look – the main piece of this outfit is one of my favorite shirts at the moment. Britney wore one like it back in 2016 for her Private Show fragrance campaign, and I love the style of it! It’s great that I have a shirt so similar to that. Plus I fit into it so much better now than I used to (in It’s Britney, Bitch). That was a last year photoshoot duo, and in Take Your Seat I wear the same shirt. This time I paired it with some distressed boyfriend jeans! Also low-rise, like the other black pants were too (from the post I linked). These jeans, however, are from the Candice Swanepoel collection with Mother Denim from like 2015 or so. Mixing causality into my usual glam types of style. I also, of course had my Dr. Marten‘s on with one boot laced all the way up and the other laced lower with the flaps hanging down. I felt cute with this outfit! Loved wearing this to the show. Anyways, I used the Nicole ‘glow palette’ from Anastasia Beverly Hills, as well as Tarte’s Park Ave Princess bronzer. With that I added mascara and the ‘Charm’ lipkit from Kylie Cosmetics.

So then I went to the concert that night! It was really cool, ask Ally about it. Anyway, the merchandise I was able to get from this show was just a cool (tour 2017) concert tee featuring art that’s hard to peg, it seems like it was inspired by their By Your Side single or something, but who knows for sure? I think it’s a photo of the band, haha. Then I also got a bag of The 1975 pinback buttons, put a couple of them on the shirt for the shoot. Anyway, so I call this photoshoot By Your Side after their latest single, The 1975’s of course. Let’s check that one out, I love taking pictures of my merch!

By Your Side look – the 2017 concert tee, featuring two of the five buttons from the pin pack. On my lips is the metal liquid lipstick ‘King K‘ by Kylie Cosmetics, also using the Banana Split Kylighter. I also used Tarte blush and some super pretty eyeshadows stacked on my lid from Urban Decay’s Naked palette, plus one of theBalm’s overshadow! So sparkly.

The white button on my shirt is so cute! It’s like my favorite button ever at the moment. It basically says I’ve got mostly me on my mind, which is peculiar from a band like this. Alternative music & clever buttons to press, love this.

I should do longer concert posts! Oh – and that reminds me, I got some merch from the Banks concert (on April 18th, 2017) and I took some half assed shoots with no makeup on, so here’s a couple of those pictures. I’m apparently not doing a whole separate post for the Banks pics because I never shot the concert outfit that coordinated with it. So, here’s this hidden in this blog post for now. Hahaha it was like 4 AM when I did this. One of my fave pairs of leggings, they have chains criss-crossed going down the legs. I loved the Banks merch that I got, glad I got these pics! What I got from that show was this ‘Bad Motherfucker‘ tee (and an ‘I Started All The Wars‘ hoodie too). Here’s the pics I got.

Moving on from there. Got some cool projects coming up, working hard on them! I can’t wait to post them! Remember to follow my blog if you want to, to see more posts like this in the future. Merchandise in general is something I style a lot, in lots of different ways, plus the #concertattire concept is a super cool bonus for every photoshoot of merch!