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“So I’ve got edges that scratch, and sometimes I don’t got a filter. But I’m so tired of eating all my misspoken words… I know my disposition gets confusing,” – Banks, Beggin For Thread

Banks is one of my current favorite artists. My favorite song by her is Trainwreck, but the song Beggin For Thread is so iconic! So I was listening to her Goddess album while I was trying to decide what to do next for a blog outfit. Finally I got the idea! Mostly I wanted to use the new goodies I got from Mirina Collections, but I also kind of wanted to stay casual. So I whipped up this look, denim on denim, kinda raw and if you notice the fact that all of it is ripped/distressed/cut then that’s a good observation. That’s why I used Beggin For Thread as a name. The lyric is “You got me beggin for thread to sew this hole that you ripped in my head,” and I don’t actually have any holes in my head that can be fixed with thread, but I thought it was interesting that I was listening to this as I was uploading this shoot to my laptop. My jeans are ripped, my jacket is distressed, and I chopped my tank top in half jaggedly like 4 years ago. And I added a blingy Mirina Collections necklace, and the look was complete!! I’m so happy with how it ended up. I took a bold statement blingy necklace, threw it on with some destroyed clothing and I felt so bomb. The look is bomb! Now finally I’m going to show it to y’all.

The look – Featured pieces: Mostly this Mirina Collections statement necklace! You should check out their Famous necklaces, tbh it makes me feel pretty famous. You can use the code “MirinaGirls” at checkout and get 20% off! And I have another Mirina Collection post coming, so lookout for that blog post 😉

Anyway, this denim jacket from Forever 21 is also a new edition to my wardrobe. Can you believe I’ve gone like 4 years without owning a denim jacket of some sort? That’s crazy! It’s SUCH an essential! So now I have one and you will all be seeing it in the rest of this shoot and also many shoots to come.  Does anyone want me to do a lookbook using my denim jacket? I could probably make at least 3 like really diverse outfits with it. Hmm, a denim lookbook for spring…interesting idea. I’m going to do that…well, one day. Anyway, here’s the rest of the look!

  • Pants – Guess Jeans! Honestly I never really thought much of the brand, and then I needed some new pairs of jeans and couldn’t figure out where so I tried on some Guess jeans. They’re so comfortable, I love these. I’m wearing a size 24 here btw. But yeah I’ve blogged about these jeans before (see my How I Roll post) they’re awesome!
  • Tank top – honestly I got this when I was in 8th grade. It had one of those built in bras but I hated it so I cut it out. Hahaha then in 9th grade I decided I didn’t want a cheap tank top that went down to my thighs, so chop chop! I cut it into a crop top. I’ve done that with so many clothes. I think it’s from one of those generic stores like Alley Kat or something. Fun tip: Don’t try to trim someone’s shirt after taking psychedelic mushrooms. She’s like “Whoa don’t cut it too short!” and I was like “dang sorry it just kept turning into a staircase and i was trying to follow it up with the scissors”. That was when I was 15 hahaha. Wow I’m rambling.
  • Shoes – Just some simple black pumps from Lauren Conrad’s LC brand at Kohl’s stores. I got these in 8th grade too. I rarely wear them! But they’re so awesome!
  • Lipstick – Kat Von D‘s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade Outlaw. I also contoured my lips with Huda Beauty‘s Lip Contour in Cheerleader before I put the liquid lipstick on over. I like the look.
  • Highlight – Highlight is a little of Kylie Cosmetics Banana Split highlighter and a little from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole palette.
  • My face makeup includes YSL Touche Eclat or whatever highlight/concealer pen thing, with my Tarte Water Foundation over top. Set with a little loose powder (Make Up For Ever) and bronzer.

That’s about all I got. But can I just say…I was writing on my whiteboard while my camera was on a timer, and then at the last second I threw the whiteboard marker and it is FLOATING in this picture. HAHAHA it’s in the bottom left corner!

Floating Marker.jpg

Love y’all! See ya next time!