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Good morning! I know I haven’t been blogging as much lately, and that’s because my life has been HECTIC. Not going too much into my personal life but there was a breakup and blah blah, so I haven’t felt as inspired as I typically used to be. But hey! I did a photoshoot last week (in collaboration with Seattle Talent) where I got some new headshots done but we also did 3 modeling shoots. It was so fun! I walked around Seattle in like 6in chunky heels for like 5 miles, but it was so fun. I can’t wait to see the pictures next week. BUT! I should show y’all the last shoot I did before I lost inspiration.

I got this dress on sale from Nasty Gal and it is most definitely in my top 5 favorite dresses list! This and a blue one (you’ll see that next week) I got last month and I’m so in love with them. This shoot is kinda different because my makeup was a MESS, I went through a whole day and then just slapped on another lipstick over the mess and it was a pretty messy makeup look, but who cares? I love this outfit. These shoes with this dress >>>>

Continue reading to see more pictures & and details of my outfit.

The look – Featured Piece: Sleeve It at That Cold-Shoulder Dress by Nasty Gal, in the “beige” (more like peachy) color. The rest of the look…

  • Boots –¬†Fuel to the Fire¬†Vegan Leather Boot by Nasty Gal. I honestly LOVED how these boots looked with this dress! This pair of boots plus my new Jeffrey Campbell Litas are definitely what I wore like everyday for a month. These are just so cool!
  • Nail polish – I just realized that basically all I’m wearing here is the dress and boots, so there’s not much else to say about it. But hey, my nail polish color is Matilda by Julep! Pretty contrast. Here’s some more pictures and then I’ll go into my makeup.
  • Honestly I don’t even know what was on my face…This makeup was so bad LOL I have a rule where I don’t photoshoot when my makeup is a mess but I was really eager for this and then never re-shot it. So tbh idk what’s happening there but it’s a probably a good thing that I don’t remember what I put on there. And that’s about it. I wish I had something better to post but I do LOVE this dress with these shoes, for sure.

You know how there’s that little “peaches & cream” phenomenon? But I’ve also heard people say “peachy keen” to talk about something that looks good, so I was deciding between those two phrases to name this. I chose Peachy & Keen. So that’s this…Hopefully new photoshoots and posts will be coming up. I promise y’all I’m not giving up on my blogging life! I shot this 3 weeks ago, wow time flies…

Song of the Shoot: Dead by Madison Beer…one of my favorite songs, and relatable too.