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I don’t think people even realize how crazy that New York trip was to me. My boring life, my lack of lust for life in my “photoshoots”, and yet I proved so many things for myself.

Okay, so first off: I was going to Teen Vogue in NY and so I had to pack up for the weekend.  So the night before, I was sitting there with Ally and I realized I needed to pack my clothes for the trip. I grabbed a few gorgeous shirts, with lace and mesh and all that jazz, just because I loved them. Then I grabbed some typical bottoms, including some bold pieces…and I totally brought those red long pants with the lace halter top and how the colors match perfectly its like crazy! I didn’t try any of this on before going! It’s amazing…

So I wrote that on May 19th as a part of this Diary of a Shopping Enthusiast. Honestly what was I even talking about? Yeah the New York trip was super cool, and yes it is cool that I ended up with such great outfits even though I just grabbed a bunch of random things, but I always do that. (By the way, as I write this it’s May 31st). Heck I mean last Tuesday I had to bring 4 outfits for my headshots, and all I did was take a ton of shirts and pants and shoes and put them into a bag really quickly because I was running late. Turns out I picked SUCH great pieces! My photographer picked out outfits from the bunch of random clothes that I had, and they all turned out to be dope. One of my favorite dresses (a cute blue one) went so well with my retro-esque floral chunky sandal heel shoe things. Hahaha it looked so good, and we found a cool alley and I can’t wait to see the pictures.

Okay now I’m able to talk more about actual shopping and my enthusiasm and all that. Truth is, I don’t have too much to say. I haven’t been able to buy much, I’ve just been paying down my credit. I totally want cute workout clothes (like Demi Lovato’s Fabletics for their pants and shorts and Victoria Sport (Victoria’s Secret) for sports bras) because I’ve been really wanting to go to the gym a lot lately, and I have been! I’m proud of that. But pretty much the only clothing thing I’ve bought in hella long was some flame sweats from The Kylie Shop, as well as Kylie socks. I totally worked out in the Kylie socks, they’re so adorable. I keep debating on whether or not I want to shoot these pants…they’re sweats and they’re kinda lazy, but they’re SO comfy. And cool looking!

Mainly what I’ve been caring about lately is skincare and my health. I want to do a whole ‘nother blog post on skincare for stoners (along with myth-busting and explanations and product recommendations) but that’ll take a while. For now, I’ve just been eating Acai bowls, chia drinks, and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. That’s pretty much what I live on. Dang I’m so excited for when I can start shooting again! It’ll be so good!

That’s all I have to say for now. I love y’all!

PS – Featured photo here is not really new and was also used briefly in my Concertgoer post. Here’s a second take from that shoot, from March 9th that I did as a 4-piece shoot before a concert that day.

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