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It’s such a bright beautiful day outside! I’m so happy, things really have been looking up. I didn’t know it could be this good. But anyway, still haven’t been shopping as much, however I did order from The Kylie Shop and get a flame lighter, Kylie socks, two iPhone cases, and these awesome flame sweatpants. They’re size S but they’re really huge, and SO comfy! This photoshoot is called Girl On Fire.

Other parts of the look: Linkin Park shirt from Hot Topic (2012?), my short black UGG boots, and then a little bit of makeup. On my lips is the Posie K lip kit from Kylie Cosmetics.

Not much else to say about this. Yawn, I’m tired. I’m excited though, I have some fun stuff lined up this week. But anyway I just wanted to post about these cool sweats, and that’s all I got for y’all right now!

Song of the Shoot: Burn It Down by Linkin Park.