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Last weekend, I wore something pretty interesting. Honestly, the outfit was…just so Abby. So completely in tune with me, and that’s not a bad or good thing. It was a strange outfit and I’m still not even sure if I was able to pull it off, but it’s definitely something that I would wear and it definitely spoke volumes. There were some little pieces to this look that were really annoying, but mostly it was a super fun outfit and I’m glad I wore it. I only got a few pictures, but I thought I’d show them anyway.

2017-06-02 14.01.38.jpg

So part of this outfit is the nude colored bra I wore under it. Like I wasn’t planning on having that be a part of the outfit but I forgot that I cut that shirt reeeeally short, so I used that bra as a buffer so that I wasn’t actually flashing everyone. The shirt rode up halfway off the bra but eh I still love this outfit! Hahaha

The look – Shirt is some random shirt that used to be gigantic and went to my thighs, but then I cut it into a crop top. I haven’t posted about this shirt until now, so here we go. Haha.

  • Skirt is a studded masterpiece from Nasty Gal, which I also wore in November for my birthday post (18th Birthday Bonanza) as well as last spring to the symphony.
  • Socks are another thing I’ve never posted before, they’re from Kylie Jenner’s shop The Kylie Shop. They’re so cute and so comfy. I paired them up with my taupe-ish Jeffrey Campbell Litas…I’ve wanted Litas for SO long and I finally got some! I’ve been meaning to post about them but I’ve totally forgotten, but I loved how those and the socks looked with this outfit.
  • Bra is a strapless nude Body by Victoria bra from Victoria’s Secret.
  • Bracelet was made by my stepmom! She had given it to me that morning and it went so perfectly with this outfit.
  • Face – My skin was glowing so beautifully here! That’s thanks to Kora Organics’ new Noni Glow face oil. It’s available at their site and also on sephora.com, you should definitely check it out! Honestly I can’t even remember what lip product that is, which makes me feel kinda dumb. Dang I should write this stuff down.

Those boots made me so tall, it was so hard to get the full outfit lol. But anyway, funny thing is I called this outfit photoshoot Shroomsday, because about an hour or two after this shoot I tripped on shrooms and it was so intense – most intense trip I’ve ever had. But I was planning the whole day to do them it wasn’t like spontaneous, so yeah I call this Shroomsday because it’s the day I ate more shrooms. Haha. Better than doomsday.

Song of the Shoot: High by Sir Sly – heard that song for the first time this day and I became obsessed.