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In 2002 (age 4), I was trying on a dress using the slip that my mom bought for it. After putting on the slip, I thought it was so cute! I asked my mom if I could wear it by itself but she said no. But I was so excited about how it looked so I threw on some purple socks and used a head-flashlight thing as an accessory. I started modeling for them until my mom finally got the camera. I had loved this shoot, it was so fun, and that’s one of my earliest memories when it comes to fashion. And so on life went…


In 2003 (age 5), I also loved fashion, obviously. So many examples of it, and so much to make me happy and be proud that I’m pursuing my favorite thing ever.

Props to my mom for being the photographer (and scrapbooker) again here! I loved the glam of this scarf and had to model with it!

In 2004 (age 6) I went over to my friends house to play. She showed me her cute sports bra things, and I was so intrigued, because I wasn’t allowed to wear that type of thing or show my belly button! She had so many cute clothes that I loved, and I insisted we have a photoshoot. So we grabbed my moms camera and started posing in things that we normally weren’t able to wear. It’s been 13 years, but I still see that signature Abby sass!

Those are just some of the “photoshoots” I remember from those eras, but all in all I loved having pictures being taken of me. It makes me so happy and feel so powerful to think I’m evolving in such a beautiful way.


Song of the Day – Me Without You by Gwen Stefani. Basking in my memories and being excited for the future…

Transformation? Cute then, gorgeous now. Yep I know.