I haven’t been entirely sure about what to write in a while. It’s been so long since I actually blogged. So much cool stuff is going on! So much cool stuff from Nasty Gal, such great stuff. I wanna talk about how fun it was photoshooting with Jenna and Zoey! All Dolled Up, let’s check it out.

That dress I wore definitely didn’t fit me. I’m a size 2 and it was a size 6 because I ordered the wrong one on accident, but I wanted to wear it anyway for some reason? Lol, let’s look at the pictures from this.

So fun. That dopamine shirt I’m wearing was made by Zoey when she was like 13 lol.

Those pictures could’ve turned out better. Haha. So the next day I took the Doll necklace and created another shoot All Dolled Up, and it was totally fun. These pictures turned out strange too, but it was totally fun! I need to shoot outside more hahaha

  • Jumpsuit – Nasty Gal
  • Choker – Nasty Gal