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I’ve had a weird case of writer’s block these past few days. Yesterday morning I got my wisdom teeth taken out and that was kind of a curve ball, so for a solid 36 hours I laid in my bed and tried to sleep and heal and all that crap. I think I did a not-bad job, tomorrow’s day 3 but I’m not in too much agony anymore. I’m listening to some incredible songs (like Homemade Dynamite by Lorde) and typing this and getting ready to take a shower and to also finish this blog post. That’s tonight’s itinerary. And it’s actually pretty exciting. I hate having to sit on bed rest for like evs but that’s a choice, and I’m choosing now to venture into the world even if my head or gums hurt. Ya know? I wanna show you guys this one test-shoot I did, I called it July because it was just so July af. And I know I have past posts like “New-July” but that could be some sort of new July or something but this is the pure essence of my summer, the beauty of 2017, the flowers blooming in my little boat of feelings–it’s a completely different concept. I used to associate July heavily with my ex but now I’m not even really thinking about her, because life is brand new and everyday is another conversation with my intuition and the blessings of my past, present and future. Or something like that anyway. Let’s get into the shoot. THIS IS WHAT LIFE SHOULD BE LIKE!

One of the most memorable remarks I got on this shoot was “Wtf kind of outfit is this” and first I laughed, then I replied with something witty and bitchy, then I was like nah screw it all and deleted  both our comments. LOL Cuz i wasn’t sure how to react, because honestly idk wtf kind of outfit this is but I thought it was so fun and I was mainly test shooting for different lightings. For the first half of this shoot I wore Kylie shop socks and fluffy white heeled sandals from Nasty Gal with this printed chiffon shirt. It was very interesting. I even kind of waved my hair a bit. A lot of these are really crappy lighting but I’m throwing some of them in anyway.

Lol I was having the time of my life! I loved those socks and sandals! I took a cute trend with unconventional fashion pieces and wore them, not given a first or second fuck along the way. I like when I have that attitude. But alas, it was getting old having my heels sink into the grass as well as grass on the porch, like damn I have pictures of me having my heel slip into a crack and it’s funny. Then I have some other random smaller pictures from after I put flip flops on.

Lipstick is Gorg from the Koko Kollection by Kylie Cosmetics. I might blog about the Koko Kollection soon. I kinda forgot all the rest of the makeup credits.

Here’s the bloopers/outttakes. First one: Looks like I’m drunk at a bar. And the second one looks like I’m putting my foot on an invisible stool…third is live action of my heel falling through the deck. HAHAHA. And finally I just found this picture so hilarious because I wasn’t even shading/covering my eyes, my hand was on my forehead like a saute, and idk why LOL

Song of the Shoot: High by Sir Sly