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Once upon a time, I attended one of thee best shows of my entire life. The Circus Starring Britney Spears, on April 9th 2009 in Tacoma (/Seattle). I remember getting into the merch line and not being able to see a thing over all the tall people in front of me, so my mom is like “Here wait I have an idea” so she took a picture with her cute little handheld camera, of the merch display. I was able to zoom in on the camera and look through the different shirts and stuff, and the shirt that really caught my eye was the one that said You Want a Piece of Me? I LOVED IT. But my mom said it was inapropriate. I’m like, mom come on you know her song! And my mom is like “Well yeah we know Britney, but that’s not how other people would see it.” Made me kinda sad, but I settled on a super angelic looking top along with temporary tattoos and a majestic-ass poster. We got this big brown bag that had the tour’s promotional logo on it but after keeping it for like a year I threw it out. 😦 But, years later, I was able to not only keep the rest of this merch (well I kept 2/3 of the tattoos) but I was able to acquire other merch from the tour, like two of the different tour programs, the set of 3 buttons, the pack of playing cards, and the B hat logo choker. And 8 years later, the shirt I bought still fits me. Yep, I’ve kept it all these years. And so I decided it was about time I shot it.

Okay so let’s just start with saying this fun shoot I had was…well, fun. This shirt is starting to get kinda small on me but mainly I just love that I can still wear it! I got it in April 2009 and wore it for this shoot in July 2017. Should’ve wore my Circus buttons and choker and stuff too… oh well.

And now let me tell you about how AMAZING the concert was. I still remember it really well, it was AMAZING. The Pussycat Dolls opened and they were actually pretty good too.

Holy shit Britney you’re amazing. By the way, this was my second concert ever. I was 10 at the time!

AHHH This was SUCH an amazing day!!! Aghhh! Okay let’s look back at the opening acts, the introductions, and of course, the merch they had. The same picture I zoomed in on all those years ago to make my important merch decision.

It’s kinda odd that I decided to wear a Hannah Montana shirt to the concert. I actually have this rule now where I can’t wear other people’s merch to someone’s concert. Idk why! I guess it’s just more fun that way.


But nah…I got a Circus choker, poster, 3 buttons, playing cards, temporary tattoos, and 2 Circus tour programs. Honestly I’d take pics of them all but they’re stowed away in like 8942995853 different places. Yikes, but let’s see which of those pictures I have on my laptop. Dang I need more circus merch.

Wow, throwback.

Man, I really love Britney. And I think soon I’m going to buy that “You wanna piece of me?” shirt.

Song of the Shoot: Circus by Britney Spears