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Everything seems momentous and every moment seems neatly planned. It feels like everyday flows into the next, into my soul, through my actions, and back. It is amazing to have good vibes and things around you instead of you being bugged by constant negative thoughts — honestly, I didn’t know I was harnessing so much of that.

I couldn’t notice that I was being bugged all the time yet I do know notice that, does that make sense? It’s like… quieter in my head. And a lot of it has to do with my current favorite album (not including Rainbow) Tell Me You Love Me by Demi Lovato. Omg you guys… it is AMAZING! And at one point I was planning a grassy photoshoot but didn’t get around to it until a month after I had the idea, and then I was naming this shoot and of course I had to use the line of the lead single “The Grass Is Greener Under Me” as my title, and everything definitely seemed to click there, and I can promise you I really am in love with this album. Let me talk more about that, and decorate the page with the promotional shoot. Lol I’m kidding but this is great.

Tell me you love me, I need someone on days like this, I do.

So I ordered a 2 signed copies of TMYLM (the album) and also a shirt on pre-order, plus I got a target edition, plus I ordered the UK-only cover which was a nice interesting price but hey I needed it… now I just need to buy a copy of the standard album and I’ll have everything. I’m so excited. She’s my new obsession, let go of hesitation baby!

Sexy Dirty Love and Games are like the most fun songs on the album. In terms of like the best songs it’s definitely Cry Baby, Hitchhiker, Lonely, Daddy Issues and even Ruin the Friendship. I’m so excited for Demi to tour, I want a real meet & greet this time.

You Don’t Do It For Me and Only Forever are a little repetitive but still really good songs. Her vocals surpass and usurp everything we’ve ever heard from her in the past, everything we thought was amazing demi vocals, because those are amazing demi vocals, but THESE are demi vocals that created and then broke an entirely new scale/design. Daddy Issues has some interesting lyrics but it’s still honestly one of the best on the album, even better than Father or For The Love of a Daughter. My entire last post was all about the Demi Lovato fabletics collection drop 2 and now this post is mainly me journaling while listening to the album and also looking through this random grassy photoshoot. I wanted to try something new?

Put down your cigar and pick me up, play me your guitar that song I love…

“I can tell that you’re terrified to take a shot this strong. Should I wait up for you day and night? Just let me know how long”

I love you Demi Lovato.