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So I got my first StitchFix box in like late September but am just now blogging about it for some reason, but I got to tell you guys, this box is so CUTE. StitchFix is this service that sends curated boxes of clothes to you whenever you want which is perfect because I haven’t actually gone out of my way to buy clothes since like the summer, unless you count merch. So I got such cute things but I should’ve lowered my budget thing on my style quiz because I accidentally made it so like all my items were expensive making it so I could only keep one lol, but hey you can ask for anything you want in your box! Any price range, any style, anything, it’s really fun, and I’m excited for my second box. But I wanna show you guys all that I got in my first box and how I styled them/how they recommended I style them. It’s adorable.

If you wanna try out StitchFix too it’s super awesome, use my referral link!

So first off, the reason I discovered this golden service is because a friend of mine Gwen asked if I had heard of it and then explained it to me…obviously it was right up my ally! So I signed up, taking the style quiz to begin. They really use the style quiz to pick what they send you so make sure it reflects what you want to be receiving, you know? Even though my style quiz was wishy-washy they still did a really good job with my box! So, then I got the box, and let me show you inside.

I love that the letter seemed personalized, and not just putting my name at the top of a pre-written paragraph. I love that she made suggestions for styles (which I don’t always need or use but I think is a really cool feature, especially when they’re good suggestions!) even though there’s a whole paper with visual “suggested” styles. It’s a cool concept, really great for someone who’s trying to find their footing with their own style or discover something new or just…likes clothes! I gotta tell you, if I could’ve, I definitely would’ve kept 3 of these pieces in a heartbeat. Let’s get into it.

The first item they sent was this beautiful blue wrap top. It’s called the Sydney Wrap Front Top. Right off the bat I gotta say I definitely love the length of this shirt (it’s cutely cropped) and the wrapping is fun; the fit on me wasn’t too bad I think it fit pretty great just a tiny bit too big in the chest area, maybe for a slightly bigger build. For this example, I paired it with the skinny jeans they sent called the Vanessa Paint Splatter Distressed Skinny Jean (the only item I ended up keeping & purchasing).

I wanna talk about these jeans! The thing is, you’ll probably be hearing a lot about these jeans from now on because they’re like my lucky/favorite pair of jeans now. I was wearing them when I met Bebe Rexha… and Danon (; haha but seriously I LOVE these jeans! So comfy and adorable and I love the fit. I wore them again with this cute black chiffon top they sent me, called the Gigi Neckline Cross Front Blouse. Of all of the things I got this was my least favorite because it was the only one that really didn’t fit me; the neckline was a little off. It fit my neck, but it was like too big with the triangle part. Does that make sense? Anyway, these were their suggestions for the blouse and the jeans (again).

I thought I didn’t have anything that would suffice until I remembered these super cute sandals that I have that I don’t wear enough, and I got SO excited. I tried them on with the look and it looked amazing! If that neckline had fit me just a little better this could’ve been so amazing for a night in downtown Seattle with a small handbag on my shoulder (like one of those crossbody ones that you just wear on your shoulder and not all the way across your body? Lol I do that with my blue purse). Do you agree? Haha just kidding doesn’t matter (; but here’s the look!

The shoes are from Kohl’s from like 2011 lol, I always get so many compliments on them! They’re so in-style right now and there’s lots of stuff like it but especially at my age nobody really saw shoes like that, so I was surprised I had gotten them at Kohl’s. Anyway, you can see this outfit is TOTALLY cute and I love that shit, so excited for my next box. Okay so next is the last two things, also the comfiest things, and low-key the cutest things. But probably the most expensive for their value. The top is called Lena Cold Shoulder Knit Top and I think was like $94 (yikes), and I gotta say I ADORE this shirt!! However, I can’t spend that much on a shirt that simple. (I really wish I could…you don’t even know). And the Landon Skinny Jogger Pants were the ones that got away. They were like $104 and I tried to find a way to get them but alas, I didn’t have the dough. They were a pretty thin material anyway, however they were SO CUTE and I LOVED the fit!!

So the one thing that bothers me is that there was a huge tag on these pants so it makes my butt look kinda strange in a couple of the pics LOL but hey I like my butt so we’re good, I just couldn’t take the tags off that shit. (TRUST ME I WANTED TO). But these two together were a match made in heaven and there’s a god somewhere that’s laughing at me for having to have sent these back…that’s the only thing I don’t like about StitchFix, it’s like giving away my babies, that’s why I gotta be smart/responsible (duh?) and actually schedule it for times that I have money to blow on clothes. Duh. Abby, duh. Here’s the look.

So I again paired those Guess white platform sneakers with this look (kinda following the style suggestions) and as you can see this shirt is AMAZING and it felt like HEAVEN. And I’ve probably never worn pants that comfortable before. Omggg. This is something I’d wear to the mall and Starbucks and everywhere and everyone would be looking at me like “Oooo” and I’d be like I know this outfit is great. HAHA I don’t know I’m running out of things to write. Basically, I love StitchFix, and I scheduled a shipment for the day after my birthday. We’ll see how that goes! What do you think? Are you thinking of trying it out? It’s honestly soooo fun!

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