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Hello everyone! Lately I’ve been like… Really into subscription boxes. I’ve tried a lot of beauty ones including Sephora’s Play box but didn’t like it so I just stick to Birchbox and Ipsy which I’ve been subscribed to for 4 years, and that’s pretty much the perfect amount of beauty products/trials for me. I was also subscribed as a Julep Maven for 2+ years hence the reason I have SO much Julep nail polish. But you see, I discovered these really cool subscription boxes that were soooo much more than beauty products/samples. Obviously I’m keeping my Birchbox and Ipsy subscriptions, but I also went on Cratejoy and totally explored all their different options of cool enlightening boxes full of crystals and things like that, and I subscribed to a few so that I could pick a couple favorites to stick with. I can’t wait to show you guys my Enchanted Crystal subscription box but I’ll wait until next month for that….For now, I wanna tell you guys about this small little Awakening in a Box box that I got recently, and how it’s like EXACTLY what I needed in my life! Like how recently I wrote my How To Tell The Truth post, and then I get a box in the mail full of items to help me tell my truth and have that energy flow freely. Crazy amazing timing. I’m so in love with it! Of all the sub boxes I’ve gotten so far this is my favorite! So let’s get into it! I didn’t get to take any cool pics with my camera these are just my iPhones pics, long story. But keep reading to be awakened!

So I got this box on Wednesday January 24th, after having subscribed on January 2nd. I was really drawn to this box and how it’s really an ‘awakening’ box and not like JUST rocks or anything; plus they have cards with affirmations and explanations and stuff of how to use the rocks/relate them to your throat chakra. This amazing box that I got was all about the throat chakra. I think for the next box from them I’m going to upgrade to the Enlightening Box which is $39/mo whereas this one (the Awakening in a Box) is only $14/mo ($19 with shipping) but it’s essentially the same thing but…more. More enlightening! Since this is my favorite box, I might even sacrifice/drop some of the other boxes just to subscribe to the Enlightening one of this. Anyway, let me get into it.

For those of you who don’t really know, let me explain the throat chakra to you. In each of our bodies we have 7 chakras, these little tunnels where energy flows through (in & out) making you able to recieve and give the positive energy that’s associated with each chakra. So when there’s things to balance a certain chakra, basically it unblocks it so that the energy can flow through more freely again. With the throat chakra, this is incredibly important to me. It’s definitely fate that the first box I got from them was the throat chakra box because the throat chakra is responsible for our communication, our truths, how we’re able to find the right words, calm communication, being able to understand what others are saying, etc. So surrounding myself with these throat chakra meditation rocks and other things while I’m writing it really makes a difference, it helps me feel like there’s not a huge weight on me (which I refer to as writer’s block) and it helps me get the words out in a way where I can try to get people to understand what I’m saying, or at least relay my information in the most honest way possible. It’s not even just about being honest with others, but being honest with myself. Back to the box!

When I opened it up I saw this awesome super trippy picture, and I was like AHH THIS IS AMAZING and on the back was the note that said some stuff introducing the box and the throat chakra and things, but mostly I was hypnotized by the artwork and hung it on my wall. I hope they have pics like that in every box!! What an incredible artist. Then the box reveals this cute little blue pillow, faintly arometherapeutic, and it’s an eye pillow that you lay on your eyes and it syncs up a lot with your throat chakra but is also just really relaxing on the eyes. It’s good to meditate with. Then the second item was a Throat Chakra Balancing Spray, amazing! Ingredients include a gem elixir with aquamarine, amazonite, sodalite, and lapis lazuli; eucalyptus essential oil, peppermint essential oil and peppermint leaf. I always spray this lil concoction on my neck and breathe in deeply and use this to really boost my honesty, vitality, and creativity in these blog posts. Like right now! I’m surprised I’m writing this much! Anyway so that’s those three things, and they’re incredibly cool. Man, I was so excited when I got this box. Sometimes I’ll just put that pillow over my eyes and listen to relaxing music and end up falling asleep. But I’ve been doing so much better with words lately overall, so that’s really good.

And now, we get to talk about my favorite part! The crystals that came with it!

Awakening in a Box

Not very good pictures, I know. I wish I had better pictures, but I lost the blue Chalcedony when hanging out with some friends and letting them hold it. Low key broke my heart a little bit, but I guess the stone will bless that car with it’s energy. And that Chalcedony did really help me write my last blog post, speaking my truth with ease. This time, I just have my Dumortierite chunk and pieces of blue Calcite, and the blue Calcite is like my FAVORITE crystal of this entire month. I’m so incredibly obsessed with it, it’s insane. I’ll take a couple pictures right now of the rocks on my keyboard right now…K I took them. Technology is a great thing. Sorry these are all iPhone pics, but I think it’s equally amazing!

But this blue Calcite is more beautiful than any picture can even represent. It is seriously my current favorite stone, and my stone of the month of January. Starting in February I’m going to do big #CrystalMonth posts with my stones of the month but this month I’ve spent mostly discovering things. When I pick up this Calcite though, I feel sooo much…calm. Just this beautiful calmness that also has my mind focused, and passionate, but overwhelmed with a blanket of calm. It’s like laying on your back in the ocean with no fear, having the waves gently move you. So yeah, the greatest thing about this awakening in a box is it really did awaken my throat chakra as well as my mind in general, and this blue Calcite is going to mean soooo much to me for so long.

That’s about all I have to share with you guys. I’m really hoping that next month I can get the Enlightenment in a Box because it seems soooo awesome, but we’ll see. Do you like posts like this? Thoughts? Questions? Feel free to comment. Let the energy flow freely through your throat chakra! 💙