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Good afternoon everyone! I haven’t been blogging much this month, things have been so insanely hectic, but I have a lot of projects lined up and I promise at least a couple new posts next week and the weeks after that etc. I have good ideas. But today, I finally get to blog about this photoshoot I did with my lovely friend Jenna, which at first was hard for me to come up with a name for but then I remembered how Harry Styles always reminds me of her because we both love him & so naturally we’re just both Sweet Creatures. It’s pretty accurate for the photoshoot too, especially with the grayscale sort of formation. I can’t wait for the next shoot I get to do with her because I have sooo many ideas. Such a fun photoshoot/glam collaboration. Let’s get into it! Continue reading….

Sweet Creatures

So we adventure off to my house to start our glam sesh, and it’s totally fun. Jenna tries out my extensions and they’re honestly so cute on her. I love getting to hang with & talk to this chick because I really appreciate her lots. Let’s get into this fun shoot.

Sweet Creatures

Outfit Details –

  • Jenna’s Leggings: Jenna had these super cute grey leggings from Fashion Nova that she totally had to wear for this, and they look bomb on her. We were looking through my closet and trying out some other stuff with it but she found this velvet halter top in my closet and tried it on with the leggings and thought it looked great. It totally did!
  • Jenna’s Velvet Crop Top: Side note: I did a shoot with that velvet crop top a couple times but I never really got it to feel the vibe that I wanted it to be. It looks way better on Jenna so I’m like “Please take that because you’ll totally utilize that more than me!” And that made me happy because I felt bad about that shirt being in my closet for so long without being worn yknow?? (See my 2016 Summer Goodbyes post here to see the Velvet Underground shoot I did when I first got the crop top)
  • Abby’s Tank Top: I really wanted to wear this super cute tank top type thing I got in my Stitchfix Box #4, I love love the mesh panels. I was trying to figure out how to make it look though so Jenna totally helped me tie it cute. Thank god for Jenna. Anyway the brand of the shirt is MPG I believe, and it’s like one of those ‘sports performance’ tanks but I’m totally gonna use it just for fashion outfits, I got too many workout clothes. Lol
  • Abby’s White Leggings: I was trying to figure out what in the world to wear with the tank but Jenna showed me that she brought her super cute white leggings from Fashion Nova and I totally just had to wear those with it, they were perfect as hell for this look. So yes they’re Jenna’s leggings but she let me wear them for the shoot, and we looked damn fabulous.
  • Shoes – we got like not many pics at all of our shoes lol, but Jenna was wearing my cute fluffy pink slippers and I was wearing black lace up sandals :p

Accessories – My charm necklace is my fave one that Danon got me for Christmas and my choker is by Nakamol Chicago I believe, which I also got in my StitchFix Box #4! OBSESSED with this choker. Jenna was wearing my extensions from Bellami’s Kylie Kouture line. 🙂

Makeup – I wasn’t wearing much makeup, just the Kat Von D baking duo, Too Faced peach blur translucent powder, Tarte’s Paaaarty blush, Kissable liquid lipstick in Desire and yeah other boring stuff. Jenna used a lot of her cool stuff including her Lorac eyeshadow palette & my Candy liquid lipstick by Kylie Cosmetics! She’s like a makeup goddess. Oh yeah and of course, always her Anastasia dipbrow.

Isn’t Jenna’s shoulder tattoo fricken gorgeous? I went with her when she got it and holy it turned out so good wtf I should ask that dude for a tattoo. But first as we all know, I gotta get my Heart Chakra tattoo. It’s in progress it’s just hard to even schedule idk. It’ll happen this year. Anyway! This shoot was so fun. I’m so excited to do more. This was my first collab of the year but it will not be the last, I got lots more coming, and lots of bombass friends who totally wanna join me. I’m hoping this year I’ll be able to branch out with my blog more, become more serious and consistent about it, I literally printed blogcards (the informal version of a business card hahaha) and I gotta give those to people. Gotta spread the love. Thanks for reading this post today, dolls.

There’s a lot of random pictures left. So here’s like, the remainder of the blog pics. And let me just say, the Harry Styles album is amazing, and I really really gotta go to that concert. Jenna, we’re going to that concert. It’s a plan.

Things Jenna and I gotta do within the next month:

  • Another shoot, an artsy kind… (coming soon (; )
  • Go on a Seattle adventure, get some sort of cool hotel for us hooligans and explore parts of the city that we actually totally need to explore.
  • Be able to chill more and plan more adventures and stuff even though she’s a lil busy bee and my schedule is complicated, but hey it’ll be funNNNN!
  • Figure out what…uh…’crazy stuff’ in this world is even worth doing, which we kinda realize now isn’t a lot. We have so much to do in life, we can’t afford to just go crazy, and I’m glad we realize that I guess? Lol, but hey, I’m doing my research. #thoughtprocess


Them eyes though. Lol, I love you lots Jenna!

k the post is over but here’s a throwback –

Remember the last time I got to do a shoot with Jenna? It was last summer, and it was with Zoey too. It was so fun lol, but kinda a sloppy shoot, but it was super fun to do. So that’s good. But anyway, tbt and like Jenna did my makeup for this shoot and it looked hella bomb, and I was like YESS GLOWW. We took lots of really random pics, we didn’t have too much of a rhyme or reason. But if you wanna check out that post, it’s right here, All Dolled up.

This photoshoot in particular is called Dolls, and we took some pictures with Zoey too but here’s some of the random ones of Jenna & I, Jenna looked totally fabulous in this multi-outfit shoot. It was fun. I can’t wait for summer! It’s cool to know ya, Jenna. Keep being yourself and go about life one step at a time, because you know you got this. You’re killing it. #spreadthelove