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It’s about time I posted about how life changing 2017 was! I’ve been meaning to make a post with my shoots from the year put into a video, and I’m comin’ at you now on Feb 2nd having just finished the video. I did a video for my 2016 shoots, but honestly, that was so boring. Like, not even I can watch it, even though I’m one of those people who repeatedly watches my own videos. So for this one, my goal was to make it watchable, at least for a bit. This is only video #1 and there will be a part two whenever I get around to it, because these are ONLY my shoots from January – July 2017. August-December is where it’s at with some of the best shoots I’ve ever done in my life, and I’m excited for that. Anyway, the beginning part of 2017 was life changing as well. I’m really proud of myself man. And now I present, the My Prerogative project, 2017 pt 1, ishopfordays *insert lots of heart emojis*

I actually worked so hard on this. After not using my video editing software in YEARs….anyway do y’all like it? Lol, check out my 2016 one. Have a great day crazy kids!