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Good evening all! Happy month of Valentine’s Day, and happy Tuesday Evening!! Haha. Today I get to talk about the crystal that really sparked my love for crystals to begin with, Rose Quartz. I really wanted to capture & harness their love & beauty from the beginning when I found out how full of love they all are. So it’s February now and I’m making Rose Quartz my crystal of the month (last month was blue calcite if you caught that) because not only is it so important to me but it’s all about love, and February is supposedly the month of love! Although personally I like to spread love and give gifts to loved ones all the time, but sure we can pretend like there’s just one love-day. πŸ˜‰ Anyway, the more I paid attention to the love of Rose Quartz, the more I felt it. Then I started reading articles where Miranda Kerr would talk about rose quartz and it’s love and I thought that was so beautiful, man I love her books and I love her affirmation cards and Kora Organics changed my life and I owe so much to this beautiful person. Anyway, Miranda is a totally good example of someone who loves rose quartz as much as me and she’s actually the one who gave me the idea to have it in so many places; not to mention, she created a luminizer out of crushed rose quartz! It’s brilliant! Let me show you some of these love-pieces.


Rose quartz is known as the stone of the heart. Around the fall time I started wearing my rose quartz necklace and I had a chunk of rose quartz + another one from a friend, and that really peeked my interest a lot. Like, the fact that my friend hung with me for the first time and gifted me a piece of rose quartz, it meant so so much more to me than she thought. Crystals have a lot of power. I feel like a lot of people do realize that, however a lot don’t feel anything at all from them, and I just feel like it’s simply their chakras not being as sensitive to the energy – living really unhealthy (mentally & physically) lifestyles kind of makes you blind to crystals and anything spiritual. But I still give my precious rocks as gifts in situations, and I hope people know it’s hard for me to give them up, but I know that even if they don’t care about rocks, I do at least, so maybe all the energy I put into that crystal for them will go through them to give them the strength they need to prosper in even the smallest or best strides towards their best health (mentally, emotionally, personally, physically). I’m so proud of everyone, especially my loved ones, they have really flourished so much. I gave Danon a chunk of my rose quartz because he definitely has my heart and I want him to have it with him everywhere, even if he forgets that the rock is whats giving him the hope and strength that I’m pushing through towards him, even from our weeks away from each other.


This is most of my rose quartz-related items, but not all. 3 beautiful rose quartz stones, two necklace pendants, a bracelet, and a little jar of pieces. As I mentioned before, I keep rose quartz like everywhere. The most significant place is under my pillow and on my bedpost. It helps me feel love, like even with the worst dreams, they’re never too horrible, because I feel so…safe, and loved. It’s like, I become lucid in my dreams whenever they get bad, then I can just change them now. Not sure how. I think it’s the positive energy from the rose quartz under me when I sleep mixed with the strength of the citrine above me.

That cute little flat smooth rock is the one I have siting on top of my drawers in the bathroom, surrounded by all my skincare. Like, I want to take care of my skin with love and hope, so obvi I had to add that vibe in there. I like it, not just aesthetically, but I feel like it boosts my confidence which boosts my skins clarity. That’s a fun thing to try if you’re feeling down about your skin.

I also keep a rose quartz stone in my purse at all times with me wherever I go. It’s like the most essential part of my purse, other than my Heart Chakra Aromatherapy Oil by Kora Organics. I had to include this in the shoot, because I swear this is so strongly tied to the vibes of rose quartz, and using the two together makes me feel so excited about life but calm, and most of all patient. Patience is something I had to work on for years, and I’m really proud where I am with it now. Anyway, I always put on this oil every time I’m out or with friends, and I just become a lot more open to being loving around them. It makes me say kind things that I normally wouldn’t think to verbalize, it makes me smile more and offer more support without feeling any bit of negativity, and I really hope they can feel that too (the positivity, I mean). In the summer I used this every single day on my adventures with Jenna & Jacob & Tanner and the gang and I think it’s what helped me be able to have the good vibes daily, even back then I always had rose quartz in my backpack next to my heart chakra essence. πŸ™‚

Miranda Kerr with her Heart Chakra aromatherapy oil and crystals, pic creds to Sephora and Miranda

The last rose quartz crystal (chunk type thing) that I have lying around is the one I keep in my little crystal dish. I keep lots of crystals in there, in and out as I swap which ones I put where, but I always need to have at least one bit of rose quartz in there because it makes me smile every time I walk into my room. And of course I’m so so very grateful for my rose quartz pendant/chakra necklace, it was the first piece of rose quartz I remember getting and I got it from my awesome and amazing stepmom Jessie, and little did I know when I was wearing it in 2015 that it would mean so so much to me. I also have a smaller rose quartz pendant necklace too, but it’s a lot longer and I like that a ton. Jessie always is the best with jewelry, I asked her for a chain for the necklace and she picked the coolest possible one. I wear these all the time. Crystal jewelry and .925 silver rings are my favorite accessories! Hence the reason I got this new rose quartz bracelet, I accidentaly stretched mine out by putting it on my bedpost, lol so now I have one that I can wear and one that sends love through my bed headboard.

RoseQuartz zoom

Just a few more things to talk about. Let’s start with the makeup stuff.

In my little plastic drawer of my brush holder I have two things: the cute jar of rose quartz, and the Kora Organics (by Miranda Kerr) rose quartz luminizer. The jar is adorable, but this luminizer…is AMAZING, oh my goodness! It feels so amazing and melts into your skin and it’s just like…wearing love. And it looks gorgeous! On days where I’m feeling spiritual, I’ll wear just this luminizer on my face with nothing else, and it looks amazing. Well, not always — sometimes I pair it with my Rose Quartz x Seashell lipgloss from Becca Cosmetics which I don’t think actually contains rose quartz however it totally captures the glowy happy sparkly love of the crystal and the crystal glow lipglosses from Becca are my current loves! By the way, the cards that are featured here too are affirmations from Miranda’s book Treasure Yourself, and I love them SO much. I tape them all over my walls. They’re uplifting, comforting, confirming, empowering, and I love it!

My two favorite makeup products right now, hands down. Anyway guys, crystals are beautiful. They’re strong, they’re powerful, and we really all can be too, and I have so much faith in every single one of you. And you know, have you guys ever seen the show Steven Universe? Basically it’s about Steven, half-human who lives with the Crystal Gems. There’s Garnet, Amethyst & Pearl, but originally, the one who started the Crystal Gem rebellion to begin with was Rose Quartz. She was like 8 feet tall, had giant hair, and was pink, and beautiful, but she gave up her physical form and then from her gem grew Steven instead. The first ever gem-human hybrid. Anyway it’s a kids show, but I’m always so incredibly impressed with Steven in the latter seasons, he really shows sooo many characteristics of rose quartz probably because he has a rose quartz gem, and he’s constantly thinking from compassion and love and wanting to make things right even in a way that the rest of the Crystal Gems wouldn’t have even thought of. Compassion is a risky but incredible power, and it is amazing and seriously makes it so you can be so soft hearted yet still have no problem getting through things — It’s like, I try to strengthen my heart chakra so much to the point where all I feel is love, and I don’t feel the hate. So when the hate is spewed at me, I can kind of half smile and try to figure what’s actually going on or give that person space. Either way, I’m strengthening my heart, and it’s okay on it’s own. So if your heart is hurting or if something seems unfair in life or you just need to vent, you can always talk to me, you never have to worry about “bumming me out” because, sweeties, I wanna hear what you have to say. Even if its rants. Even if its at me. Whatever it takes to help pick you up, instead of everyone trying to deal with your mini explosions because you can never let it all out or understand anything. I’ve been there. I wanna listen, I have enough love for any of you, and I promise you my compassion is as strong as my fashion game and we all know how that is. Hahaha. I love you all, really, please know how much you’re worth. You’re worth more than people tell you. You don’t have to believe me, but I hope your subconscious is listening to that. Thank you all for reading, it really does mean a lot to me. Have a loving day πŸ™‚ Tell someone you love them today, someone that you don’t usually say it to even though it’s true. That’s my task for your day. Let me know how it goes.

You can always contact me on social media like instagram (@abbziez) or e-mail me (abby@ishopfordays.com) and I could give you my number at that point too, but seriously, maybe this blog post was one you stumbled upon just because that could be just what you need.

Also you should totally check out this interview with Miranda Kerr, I love it.


Picture credit to KoraOrganics.com