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Today is a special day. February 8 & 9th, 2015, I posted my very first blog post on this site. I called the outfit Original Gangstress and about a year or two ago I thought it would be cool to make a look called Gangstress where I can also throw it back and talk a lot about that first blog post and how it came to fruition. I didn’t come out of the womb as a gangstress. I always had the idea to blog this exact way, but didn’t know how exactly to go aboout it. It’s like having something to say but just now learning the words to say it, the phrases to explain it. So honestly, now that I’ve figured myself out, I’ve got things pinned down and I know who I am, and I’m this badass Gangstress and I love to dance around and smile and live this amazing life, and I love that a big part of my life is my blogging.

Banner 3 year edit

It’s like this may be my 3rd year anniversary of ishopfordays.com, but what does that mean? It means that I’m so proud of myself, it means that I’m blogging more and more, and it means I’m getting a hell of a lot closer to finding the words I wanna say, everyday in every way through my outfits and blogshoots and paragraphs. I’m getting closer to getting my point across, getting y’all to smile, getting someone to think, and getting myself to grow. More and more. I wanna show you guys some awesome pics from my very first ever Shop For Days photoshoot plus this new shoot from this month that I tie into it. Check it out.

The Gangstress

Tee by TigerMist, Jeans by Mother Denim, lots of rocks and heart shaped things

Okay so let’s totally get into looking at these shoots. I think y’all are as anxious as I am to see these fetus photoshoot pictures, so I’m going to mess around with those ones first. This is Original Gangstress, from February 8th, 2015. First, here’s the ones I had edited for the post at the time. Used lots of different settings on my camera, lol.

Original Gangstress Strut

Original Gangstress:  Taken February 8th, 2015 – Posted Feb 9th, 2015

So cute. I forgot I had piercings for a while. Plus my hair was interesting back then! Anyway, now I got some cool shoots to show you with The Gangstress and also just how I redefined a lot of pieces in that outfit at the end of this post, but for now, THE GANGSTRESS!

the gangstress.JPG

This shoot was around the 3 year anniversary and I think it’s really cute because I always wanted to do a shoot called Gangstress but never had any good ideas for it. In 2016 til now I had “Gangstress post” written in my notes but never found something with any sort of vibe that could go with it. Now I totally have.

These Candice Swanepoel x Mother Denim jeans just turned 2 years a couple days ago too! The top is from Tiger Mist, and it says Girl Gang. I love the cut and fit. I’m wearing my rose quartz necklace, necklace from Danon, and amethyst bracelet.

Isn’t that just gr8? Lol! I don’t have much to say about this shoot. I wanted to do something quick but something that also did represent my style with graphic tees that didn’t just include celebrities. And this was a great way to see the transformations and be hella grateful for all my growths and trials.

Original (1)

Anyway, wanna see some cool stuff?? Photoshoots of individual pieces of this outfit! The money jacket and coca-cola shirt; I’ve worn them in shoots recently, and it’ll be cute to compare.

Okay this one is from my Coke-A-Cola shoot in August or something, wearing that iconic shirt.

Dang I thought I had more throwback pics for the jacket! Is that something you guys would wanna see? Let me know!

Also, I’m like 2 followers away from 100 and my traffic is slowly going up. I’m SO thankful and I really want to get hard into this blogging game to blow everyone away. This was basically just an acknowledgement post of the 3 years (plus there will be a part two to this next month) and to tell you all thank you so much for any view or like or especially comment, it warms my heart and makes my day so much you don’t even know, thank you thank you for reading! Here’s to another year; shopping for 365 more days. 😉 Hahaha. Peace out, Abbziez


P.S. I totally was throwin’ it back – used my old 2016 header for this featured image! That was like the very very beginning of 2016 and my header was that exact picture for almost 2 FULL years. Have you guys noticed that my main site header changed? It’s not longer this header. I’m just…evolving. 🙂 …(and shoutout to the dried bananas I got behind me, that’s a party) I’m the gangstress now without even trying. 😉

Credits & info –

Header – January 8th 2016, 2016 Promo Shoot & original blog header for 2 years

Original Gangstress – February 8th, 2015; Edited/worded pic at top created by me today, all the others from the shoot were taken and edited and posted on Feb 8 & 9.

THE Gangstress – January 22nd, 2018; Laid back graphic tee shoot that I did and found that it was perfect for this post, I definitely have so much queued and ready to show you guys so I just gotta stay up on the blogging!

And in advance, thank you so much to my followers and my 100th follower! I’m at like 98 or 99 and not only am I excited to hit 100 but I’m excited to connect with all of you through my writing and expression! Have awesome days.