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Balancing my chakras not only increases my intuition by a lot, but it changes my association with that inner voice. It used to be that sometimes I would know to not do something but be frustrated because I wanted to so bad, but now it’s like, as soon as my intuition realizes what’s hap it makes me feel absolutely no desire or need to do…well, anything. I get drawn to the things that are good for me. Still working on that food thing though. But I wouldn’t say I get ‘pulled back’ from the bad things but it’s as if the path was already built for me to go around all of it and like stay home and meditate or not take something instead. It feels so natural, like my consciousness and subconscious have finally not just linked but synced, and I go through life feeling like I have more of a purpose.

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But what’s beautiful is I took my love of subscription boxes + my love of striving to balance each Chakra and subscribing to the Chakra Box is a perfect example. I’m excited to show you all my experience & review for this box. I got it a couple weeks ago but waited to experience everything before writing this. For this particular subscription there’s only 7 boxes total, each box has around the same or similar things (i.e., each Root Chakra box will look pretty similiar) but I’m excited for the next chakra up, the Sacral Chakra! But for this post, I wanted to go through with you what I got, how I used it and all that, and hopefully shed some insight onto someone who’s curious about what materials or mindsets needed to balance Muladhara (the Root Chakra), even if they have really no prior knowledge to balancing chakras, because I had little to none. Which is why this subscription box was so beautifully perfect for me! Let’s get into what I got, how to utilize it, and more about Muladhara itself. 🙂

If you don’t know much about Chakras, let me try to explain a bit first off. Chakras are like… the tunnels in which energy flows through our body, and there’s 7 of them located on our body, the base of which being the ‘Root’ chakra or Muladhara. For me personally, I meditate on this when I feel a lot of anxiety or out of control, or like I’m not rooted to the ground, because when I feel balanced I feel like I’m rooted in the ground and growing and living blissfully and stable-ly. You know? Plus, if your root chakra is way unbalanced, it can make it really hard for any of your others to be balanced because it’s the base of them all. That’s just my newbie-kind-of-explanation but I hope it helps a bit. Now, let me show you what the box looked liked when I first opened it up.

iphone - Namaste

So seeing this card I was like wow that much?! So excited to go on this journey. So I kept getting into the box and decided I’d show you each item number by number, just like I did when I was experiencing them. So, now we get to experience the first one! I hope you brewed your tea and got ready to sit back and relax, because this post is like a journey through different corners of the Root Chakra.

  1. High Vibe Root Chakra Balancing Aroma Roll – This was exciting, because I knew this was something I would be using on a daily basis. I love things like this. It definitely didn’t disappoint when I got to try it! It smells welcoming and grounding and the oil feels nice into the skin. It’s even helping calm my nerves at the moment. Side note, I have really sensitive skin and had absolutely no problem with this, just throwing that out because if you have sensitive skin you know the struggle! Lastly, there’s an affirmation on the back of this card.

“I am of the Earth – grounded, strong, protected, and nourished. I am a divine being of light, and I am always safe and secure. I am grounded and connected to Mother Earth. I am abundant and money flows to me. The universe will always provide for me. I am healthy and supported in all that I do.”

2. Palo Santo – ‘Energetically cleansing & provides an uplifting scent [in preparation] of meditation. Enhances creativity and brings good fortune. Allow it to burn for 30 secs to 1 minute and then blow out.  Move about your space to clear the energy. The rich smell will also bring peace and clarity.’ That’s a shortened version of what it describes on the card, but I hope it makes sense. I just lit it now and moved about my room because I am in serious need of a creativity boost to post this blog post by tonight, and it’s honestly so peaceful and comforting. The smell is nice and comforting but it also has a lingering feeling. I was confused when I first got the box and just picked up a piece of wood, but this is so magical! Love it so much. (I bolded the parts of that ^ that really applied to me right now, just to personalize this post a bit more!)

3. Red Aventurine Diffuser Bracelet – ‘The black lava stone bead is porous, making it the perfect container for diffusing your High Vibe essential oil throughout the day.’

5. High Vibe Root Chakra Balancing Diffuser Oil – ‘Use the small pipette to place a drop of this undiluted oil on to the lava bead of your diffuser bracelet. Breathe deep & InJoy!’ Okay, now I can talk about both of these, the bracelet and the oil. I love that the bracelet can hold the oil, it’s actually really cool to watch the drop seep into the lava bead. It’s such a highly concentrated oil too! But yeah this bracelet is amazing to me I love that every bead is red aventurine (other than the lava one of course)!

4. Root Chakra Balancing Tea – “Formulated to assist in balancing your Root Chakra, InJoy this organic herbal tea as desired!” Opening this box I was honestly SO excited about this, like I love tea! At first I didn’t have one of those diffuser type of things for loose tea but I picked one up at the store the day after. It is amazing tea. So beautifully gentle but incredibly lovely and it is really grounding. Usually I don’t like excess loose-tea things floating in my tea but honestly I thought it was both pretty and comforting, if that makes sense? I love this tea. I love that it’s organic too, it makes me so so happy. I love the way the colors seep out and spread and swirl together.

6. Sage Smudge Stick – ‘Smudging is ritual alchemy, purify & clear your aura and space by burning Sage as needed. Simply light the end of your smudge stick and use as a wand around your aura and space. [As] you do this, visualize the smoke taking away with it any negative energy or darkness from your life.’ I’ve always thought this was such a beautiful thing/ritual. I’ve used it a few times around my space and also brought it over to Ally’s to have Dori cleanse their space…their space needed cleansing man! I’ve always wanted a smudge stick though!

7. Garnet Gemstone – ‘Transmutes negative in Chakras. Produces expansion in awareness. Enhances Passion and Creative powers, stimulates Kundalni, Balancing, Calming, & Protecting.

Yay getting to the stones! Before getting this package I was talking about how I really wanted some garnet, and a day or two later I get these 3 beautiful lil crystal besties (lol). I love the feel of garnet, I keep these in my pocket baggie. Lots of respect for garnet! The 3 pictures on the side are close-ups from my camera (Lumix FZ40) and on the right is from my iPhone. Love it.

8. Selenite Wand‘Use to remove energy blocks and in clearing your personal space, and charging other crystals & gemstones. Selenite assists in mental clarity and expanding ones awareness. It promotes truth and honesty.’

When I got this I was ecstatic because I’ve really been wanting something like this to start cleansing my crystals in that way. So that was a cool surprise. It really is such a pure things, its like energy goes in and out of it with everything in every direction yet it says neutral and pure, like ‘translucent energy.’ Haha. But laying a crystal across the top and leaving it there for around 6 hours can really restore it to it’s original, charged state. But selenite can do lots of other things too.

9. Tiger Eye Gemstone – ‘Calming, balances yin & yang energies and both hemispheres of the brain. Releases fear and despair, enhances psychic energies. Warm and radiant, synthesizing the frequencies sun & earth. Can bring stability and awareness while integrating the spiritual with the physical realms.’

That’s such a shortened version of how awesome tiger’s eye is, man there’s so much to say about it. It’s such a psychic but earthy experience. It makes me feel grounded but intuitive. I honestly carry this one with me everywhere. The gold on one of the sides is amazing! I have a 24k Gold face mask that totally looks the same on my face. Haha no but it’s seriously enchanting.

10. Aragonite Star Cluster – Vibration encourages conservation & caring for the Earth. They send light out in a variety of different directions, with an outcome to heightened light and energy around them. These lovely crystals potentially aid to assist the healing and balance of the emotional body, and help overcome stress & anxiety.

This is a strong stone which resonates through the base chakra, providing you with a feeling of stability within your life. I adore this cluster, so unique to my collection! It also totally made this collection whole.

11. Red Tourmaline Gemstone – Repels and protects from negative energy and may deflect radiation. It activates grounding between the Root Chakra and Earth’s, enhancing ones physical wellbeing. It transforms negative energy and thoughts into positive, usable energy. Black Tourmaline purifies ones auric field and etheric body.

12. Red Jasper Pyramids amplify and then tightly focus energy through the apex. A crystal pyramid can be used to release blocked energy from the Chakra. Red Jasper creates a strong connection to the earth and assists emotional equilibrium and spiritual grounding. Red Jasper promotes passion, courage & strength in ones life.

The placement of this one for me is the edge of my bed and around there, where I have a TV tray thing and swing it around whenever I need it. It’s a really good way of getting things from my blogging chair to my bed. But I place this here in hopes that the talk from friends & family and myself can be emotionally stable, because I know I always need red jasper when hanging with my friends and creating an environment. I love the focused energy.

So that’s everything I got in the box! I love it so much! I’m using everything. Perfect for a semi-new chakra learner. I’ve got so much more to say but I’ll have to be posting more and more this upcoming week but I hope this was a good way to end February. Amazing month. Love you all!!

Concept requests? Thank yous? abby@ishopfordays.com and thank YOUs.