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Hey hey. I’ve come here today at 6am after getting like a couple of crappy hours of sleep earlier buuut it’s not like I could sleep now. My head has hurt eternally. Here I am NOT to complain, I actually have better things to talk about. This past month has been pretty crazy and a weird spin of events where all of the sudden I’m on the other side of the mirror, but it’s a good thing. I’m pretty sure I was supposed to be here the whole time, not on that other side which was just a vision of something that I could’ve seen be my life. But it wasn’t my life. That was never really me, as much as I was 2u947827987917491% convinced it was me. Yes I know there’s a u in there and I’m not complaining it makes sense. Lol. It wasn’t me in some aspects, and it broke me down in most of the rest. And then my eyes opened. We sobbed by a car and she opened my eyes. She made me realized I deserve so much better with how my life plays out and how people directly treat me, and it’s crazy that it became such a war around me just for me to withdraw myself from a situation. And I guess that’s the prelude to how she birthed the powerful song, “you dont know”.

It’s such a good song! Honestly it started with a poem I wrote, and became something greater even though I was just spitting things not trying to build our tree. So part of that song was from me, yes you’re welcome thank you thank you. I’m half kidding. Lately though I’ve been singing more, writing more poems and things, and listening to Ally’s music way more. It’s enlightening me and opening up my soul. I’ve never held back with anything so much in my life as I have with singing. But that’s again, not what this is about. Mainly, I just wanna say…

You don’t know

Like you really don’t and never did.

And now begins the first state of closure. The first transition stage, where I’ll stop having random things scattered and stuff all over my bed and trash everywhere and sleep during the day…I was stuck. I couldn’t get out of bed yesterday even though all this other stuff happened last month, and it’s like a different source. I don’t know where the depressed energy is coming from but it dulls me out, you know?

But I’m still a lot less repressed than I used to be. That’s why I’m excited to show you guys this blogshoot I did called Like This, which originally I wouldn’t have posted in fear of judgement but now I think it’s funny to be afraid of anything. Like for realz. 🙂

Higher than the ceiling, hotter than the sun; you want some of me? Ally come get some (;

I do a lot of shoots that kinda get & give inspo to/from songs. I love it, it’s fun. Like This by JoJo is one of her best songs honestly. Except I maaaay have overplayed it. Lol. Dang, why does my head hurt so bad? I really need to get to the chiropractor. #6amirks

Cool update, Kora Organics sent me a beautiful little package with their new eye oil, a big chunk of rose quartz, a rose quartz bracelet and all these cards with info and stuff. It was so sweet and awesome because I got this package on the 24th not knowing about it at all, and on the 25th they revealed that they have an eye oil coming out soon, and dang I was like so honored that I already had it!!! It’s amazing too!! Dang I love Kora so much. My crystal collection is doing pretty bomb. This month my crystal is Amethyst so you’ll see more about that soon. (Last month was Rose Quartz, January was Blue Calcite) I haven’t been CD collecting toooo much I’m at 620 and not really actively trying to find them like I always was.

Hey you know I just realized that sitting here on my vanity right where my heater is is probably a lot to do with why my skin gets so dry. Lol heaters really can take the moisture from you, and dang my hangs are parched!

I’m currently obsessed with Lights (the artist) like BIG time and I have a loooot of posts coming about her, just you wait. I’m so excited about it. Check out my Skin&Earth post I did, I worked so hard on that.

So yeah this was basically just an update post. I hope everyone has a beautiful morning, I love you!

And I know that you know, I know I know. I know, but I don’t really know what the fuck I don’t.

you don’t know.

“Just as I create my reality, I can also change my reality. It’s easy for me to transform and transmute challenging situations.” – Cool little affirmation that connects with Amethyst and it’s powers/connection to the Third Eye Chakra.