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Good morning all. Things have been kinda crazy for me lately. Lots of emotion and confusion, but at least I have people in my life who are caring of me. It makes me feel hugged and loved. No matter what I go through I have my fam and sometimes some other surprising characters in the mix and I don’t think anyone truly understands how we bring each other up. Anyway, I thought it was finally about time to post about Madii & I’s photoshoot, which involved chilling in her room. Seems like a weirdass name but I promise you it makes sense…to me. Lol, continue reading.

2018-01-14 01.43.11.jpg


Dime in the jukebox. That’s the name of the shoot and lemme tell you why. Madii wanted to blast Britney with me and I was like OMG! Like I’m living the best life ever, I love fellow Britney fans. So we glammed to her Britney album and that influenced a lot of how we were even just chilling, kind of in a way where I felt so bubbly and extra uplifted. After the shoot I was trying to pick a name, like using a song-title from the album, but nothing really fit. Until I remember Britney’s I Love Rock N Roll cover on that album. And “put another dime in the jukebox baby” turned to Dime in the Jukebox because we were putting another dime into the cute lil fatty bong bowls. Lol! No but for real, it was like chilling but I loved the uplifting feeling, maybe that’s just Madii’s vibes. Let’s see this shieeet!

Haha I think this collage is so cute. Stoner babez for the win. I miss you Madii we need to like actually hang more because I really hella wanna know you and be your friend and life is always fun hanging with you!! I’m so bad at replying to things and stuff as most people probably know but hey I’mma try harder because you’re such a sweetiepie. Lol does that sound fake because that’s actually just how I talk…LOL. Moving on.

Madii was wearing a cute lil My Little Pony crop top and socks with these dopeass shorts and I loved the little pink peeking out from under the top. It really compliments her hair so much. I was wearing some random white top tied around a nude bustier, with my Liverpool colored jeans from StitchFix. I think my pants also low key made Madii’s hair look even bomber. Ignore my socks! Hahaha.

So like if you ever want someone to do your makeup as majestically as Madii does her, hit her up. She will totally makeup your face. I regret that she didn’t do it to my face this time omg, that’s why I need to see this lovely chickadee moooore! My makeup was simple as junk but she was effortlessly like a unicorn, like props to her man!

That tapestry she has up is actually super cool. Oh anyway. I love that her and I kinda had matching bracelets. The black with the rainbow, you know on her left hand and on my right? Or other way around idk. Hahaha. My bracelet is from a Marina & the Diamonds concert which was adorable af. Anyway after just even a short shoot she and I were like tooootally ready for comfy clothes, so we swapped out this shizz for something snuggly. Can’t smoke and not wear comfy clothes, that’s just sad for the lazy and comfy and blanket loving people like me. Hahaha.

Got snuggled, got her vape and whatever she was drinking right there, and I just felt SO comfy omg I wish I didn’t damage that sweater! 😦 But it was more fun just chilling here like this and eventually turning off my camera because fuck the camera I got enough pictures. This post shows a side of me that I don’t post a lot, but just so y’all know, I really LOVE you all and I’m an incredibly spiritual person and not only do I like hanging out with people and/or smoking but it honestly doesn’t change at all who I am, y’all know who I am! If this post bothers you, don’t look at it boos. Have a funtastic night full of emoji pillows and comfy sweaters. 🙂

Album of the Shoot: Britney by Britney Spears

Song of the Post: I Love Rock n Roll by Britney Spears

Thank you so much Madii for collabing with me! Next shoot, you’re doing my makeup. 🙂