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It’s March, but not only that, it’s springtime as well! I’m so excited to dive into this entirely new season and era of my life with such beautiful things to look forward too and create. Today’s post is another crystal of the month post that I just randomly happened to create and put together, of which I call Amethyst Dreams. March for me was/is a month of Amethyst…protection, learning about myself/wisdom in general, and all that Amethyst has done for me and my life with both meditation and it’s representation alone. Amethyst is probably the stone that I have the most of, other than Rose Quartz–February’s crystal of the month. I have lots of little stones of this, I’ve given away a number of them, as well as jewelry, makeup inspired by the stone…etc. Either way, when I think of amethyst, for me and my life personally I always associate it with protection. It also ties in with the third eye chakra which is probably why I’m so easily and beautifully intuitive. I wanna show you guys my world of amethyst, come right in!


Miranda Kerr is a huge inspiration to me, with her skincare line Kora Organics, and they also talk about how important and magical crystals can even be. I’ve always looked up to the brand and their morals, and especially moreso after reading Miranda’s books Treasure Yourself and Empower Yourself; the purple cards and box used in this shoot contain affirmations from her Empower Yourself novel! I really love them, like in my Rose Quartz post I used my treasure yourself ones. These are really fitting honestly. I loved to decorate this cute little set up of all my amethyst stuff, and I can’t wait to actually get into it. First here’s a post from Kora Organics on Instagram about Amethyst which I love.


At night I keep my raw chunk of amethyst in the box I have of my nightly stuff, with a black obsidian generator for both to help with my sleep and help my dreams be calm and concise and not crazy messes. After getting my Himalayan Salt Lamp everything feels a lot more serene in here anyway.


How beautiful?! Let me talk about the beauty & jewelry!

  • Amethyst clay detox mask – absolutely LOVE this product. Such a nice detox and very necessary for my skin lol. I love things like this.
  • Prismatic Amethyst highlighter by Becca Cosmetics, AMAZING highlight! I’ll show you guys some pictures of me wearing it from a shoot down there V
  • Amethyst x Geode Liquid Crystal Lip Topper Glow Gloss – I became OBSESSED with these things. They’re also by Becca Cosmetics, and I bought like almost all of them (I have 4-5 I think.) Such pretty lipglosses and goes amazing with that highlight. You guys gotta see these pictures!

Here’s just a few pictures from today where I used all 3 of those

With that lighting it’s like impossible to even see how glowy and awesome I was, but trust me it was sparkly and prismatic and beautiful. Just like the jewelry! omg.


That Amethyst ring is from my grandma, my stepmom Jessie took that amethyst pendant and made it into that gorgeous necklace, the bracelet is from More Than Rocks and finally the keychain is attached to my Britney Spears lanyard. Love love love!


I call that photoshoot Snowblind. I’m going to post more about it on it’s own, but mainly I just wanted to show y’all that I took all this amethyst stuff and for some reason made it into this really cute outfit on a spring day post-snowing morning. That didn’t make much grammatical sense, but…

Amethyst to me is always like a staple to have. I always have to have a piece with me. My favorite piece of amethyst sits right behind my laptop everyday and decorates my vanity whenever I move this thing. I love it. I really want a bigger chunk of amethyst, maybe that’s what I should get next.


That’s pretty much all I have to say about Amethyst, other than this last story. The story of me hanging out with/bonding with Kira and her mentioning that Amethyst is her birthstone, so quite obviously I had to give her one of the small pieces of it that I was carrying. Then we ended up at my house during this midnight adventure and I gave her my lucky charm amethyst necklace, that necklace represents so so much to me – it’s like an honor to get to pass it on. You may remember the necklace from here…

Or maybe you don’t remember, well there ya go, that’s my Tell Me You Love Me photoshoot. New years’ eve. Best views I’ve ever got in one day on my blog. It was incredible. And now Kira has this necklace and the luck and the love and the empowerment that’s in it and it’s definitely a layer of protection for her. Lucky for me, I had this other amethyst pendant necklace as well! So we win.

Goodnight everybody and have sweet amethyst dreams.