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Hey everyone, good morning loves! Kind of a crazy morning for me, I fell asleep before getting ready for bed then woke up and was like “oh I should get ready to sleep” but instead stayed up and ate chocolate. On the bright side, today I finally get to publish this awesome post, of which I’ve been working on for a lil over a month; it’s weird it’s been like a month since I even did a full outfit by myself with details yet I’ve posted lots of other stuff. So this is overdue. Finally another cute outfit to talk more about. I think some of y’all might think this is dope! The rest of you, I don’t really care. Lol, love you all! Let’s get into it though. Read More (below) to dive into this with me. Let’s just see what we have here…

I Do What I Love

So now we enter this world I created for a second, the one I did my makeup in and planned this outfit in. I remember at first I was so psyched about the outfit idea in my head and making it come to live, and honestly the outfit did turn out really good, but there’s some things I would’ve changed. Blah blah there’s always things we could’ve done better. But let’s take a look at how good I actually DID haha.

There was a lot to this look. First of all, that blazer–uh, jacket type thing (of the gorgeous color) is from a StitchFix order I made (my 4th shipment, with Erin substituting as my stylist) it’s called the Maisha Ponte and Faux Leather Jacket. The brand itself is called Edyson. So versatile. I guess that’s the main point of this set of pictures, it’s the good pictures with me wearing that jacket still, because…well, you’ll see. Here’s a few more of my favorites from this shoot though, and then I’ll get more in-depth with details.

  • Featured – Maisha Ponte & Faux Leather Jacket by Edyson, from StitchFix ^
  • Featured – Very Sexy Fishnet Lace Choker Push-Up Bra by Victoria’s Secret
  • Jeans – Mother Denim, Candice Swanepoel collection from wayy back.
  • That thing that USED to be a shirt that I cut really short over my chest, that was from a friend a while ago and for some reason I wanted to make it like this so I had it and then I got this bra and I’m like…PERFECT.
  • Necklaces from here: one from a friend, the quartz one from Ally 🙂 also of course wearing my pandora rings

Scroll through these next set of pics for info on as much of the makeup and stuff I remember. Someone remind me to keep better track.

…And I Love What I Do

Main Makeup Details

  • Peach Nektar highlight from Anastasia Beverly Hills
  • Gorg liquid lipstick by Kylie Cosmetics’ Koko Kollection
  • False Lashes from unknown brand but they’re drugstore but AMAZING

Necessary. Hahaha. I had so much fun with this overall.

I was honestly so happy shooting this! It felt so authentic and so Abby!

I’ve been doing a lot of shoots lately that I’m really proud of (well…a couple) and I’m working harder than anyone knows, man. I also am really really up for collaboration ideas. If you live in the Seattle area and wanna shoot with me lemme know, or if you just wanna give me a concept or idea to play with I totally will ;). I honestly wish I could just wear that outfit^ to like Fred Meyer smh idk like hi I would like to buy some Just Chills and yes I may be sort of naked.

A little shoutout here to Michael (@mycds on instagram, follow him!), who for years is a friend of mine no matter what happens or what we get caught up in. He surprised me with the “Delirium” CD from Ellie Goulding one day and after I heard I Do What I Love I’m like I HAVE TO SHOOT THIS! So this was partically concepted from her and her song and her sass and vibe, but spun and molded to match/make mine.

I was trying to decide what crystal to make the ‘crystal of the shoot’ then I realized I took pics in this outfit with this crystal! A couple months ago, from the subscription box Enchanted Crystal, I got this beautiful Rainbow Fluorite wand. It seriously to this day is one of my very favorite crystals. I think it’s insanely cool. Let me show you these pics. The middle one is of the whole package I got (and I think it’s only around $16 a month and it’s sooo worth it) but yeah this is my little healing beauty baby! I think this was my January crystal.

And that my beautiful friends/readers/followers, is it. I hope you bare with me while I kinda get back on my feet back into solo outfit shoots and stuff. Comments? Feedback? Anything? 🙂 Love y’all!


xo, Jade

aka Abby, reach me at abby@ishopfordays.com