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“Waited a long time for this, feels right now

Allow me to introduce myself. Want you to come a little closer. I’d like you to get to know me better. Meet the real me.” – Stripped pt. 1 (track 1)

I’m in love with Christina Aguilera‘s second album Stripped right now, because each song has played such a big role in the last month that I’ve been dwelling on it, and applying it gently to my situations and creating new perspectives here and there. I’m a lot more aware in so many ways. When I did this shoot I named it Keep On Singin’ My Song because that was the most relatable at that moment, and the way I related to it was on the tail-end of getting over some stupid crap in my life. After March 18th, one of the most beautiful and sentimental and fun and adventurous nights of my life, I finally got my closure, but earlier this month, the only thing that kept me going was to keep on singing these songs. I’m breaking into the music shizz slowly and miss Ivy K. Green is going to help me as we write together (You Don’t Know) and I’m totally gonna have her help me cover some songs for her. I got closure, but now I’m going to keep on singing my songs because I’m so twitter-patted and infatuated with this passionate & pure poison ivy/love of my life and makes taking risks look like just…living. As it should always look of course. Read more.

This probably won’t be my only blog post relating to the Stripped album by Christina Aguilera, in fact I’m certain it’s not, but this shoot was named after the song Keep On Singin’ My Song which is an amazing song and I fucking love this album, every track has been my mood af lately! So I’m incorporating the whole thing. All tracks listed are from the lengthy and powerful album by Christina Aguilera, Stripped. Let’s get into it.

“You’re just a little boy, think you’re so cute so coy.

Must talk so big to make up for smaller things…” – Can’t Hold Us Down ft. Lil Kim (track 2)

Can’t Hold Us Down is the female anthem of this century tbh. One of the many of them. I’m so glad to be where I am now, with how empowered I am with myself and all the shit I get to do. Let’s get into this outfit a little now.

“I should’ve known that I was used for amusement

Couldn’t see through the smoke, it was all an illusion

…Getting nothing in return, what did I do to deserve the pain of this slow burn?” – Walk Away (track 3) (HELLA relatable)

I know, those lyrics seem kinda depressing, and a lil funny coming out of my mouth, but I promise you, this album & this post are not (depressing & shit). This is just one tiny part of the story. These lyrics describes what I went through in a nutshell. This outfit was supposed to be a month ago but I’m a month late on publishing this btw, fun fact. :p Outfit Details –

  • Cut-out Tee –the “Zander” tee (color: Moss, looks amazing with hazel eyes) from n:philanthropy. It’s on sale for $44 as I write this (I paid $88 in my StitchFix box. But worth it! SOOO comfy and effortlessly chic) Such a cool brand I discovered from my 5th StitchFix box, lots of celebs sport their stuff too because they really are all about philanthropy so they seem to have good intentions. Which makes me feel better about supporting it. I love this green shirt on me too.
  • Lace-Side Leggings – I bought these from Boohoo like 5 years ago. And it looks like they still have them omg!  I’m tempted to buy a second pair for when mine finally give out. Get your hands on these! $15 USD on the US site. The elastic lace stuff got tangled into an elastic ball but I kept cutting all the snags off (so there’s bigger holes here and there) but now they look better now than they have in years. I’ve been working with the clothes I have and making them as awesome as possible before I give up on them. Ya know? Trick: When the lace starts to get tangled up in itself don’t be afraid to do a little snipping to keep it neat. Just be careful to not snip a large hole into the base layer!
  • Black button-up coat – the brand is Dollhouse which I didn’t think much of at first, but first of all it’s an adorable name. Secondly, they have a site but it contains just a little background info + lookbooks and a store locator to show you some retailers near you. Online they seem to sell this stuff on Amazon (and of course like Poshmark, Tradesy, eBay) so you could check that out, I honestly am really intrigued and want a lot of these coats wtf usually I hate buying clothes on Amazon. But this is ADORABLE. This coat was newly dry cleaned for this shoot because it’s black and easily got fur on it lol, but anyway I got it from my stepmom & of course best friend Jessie I think!

“How could this man I thought I knew turn out to be unjust, so cruel
Could only see the good in you, pretended not to see the truth
You tried to hide your lies, disguise yourself through living in denial
But in the end you’ll see
YOU CAN’T STOP ME!” – Fighter (track 4)

That was another relatable lyric. Then comes Primer Amor, track 5, the beautiful interlude. Wow I’m only on track 6 out of 20 songs and I’ve already spent 2-3 hours sitting here working on this — wait no now it’s been 5-6 hours. –and I seriously want it to be amazingly in depth.

For my readers who are here for the fashion, I want to give you links and info and ideas and descriptions. For those who like my words, I want to express everything in more than just the simple ways I could get this done with. I want someone to think, or to feel, or to question something after reading this. Anything.

Always leave a comment if you have something like that to add to my world. To those who read just because they love me, I love you too, and I hope you’re proud because I’m really proud and working hard. For those who just like the pictures, I hope maybe the purple sunset puts you in some sort of awe or makes you think “oh that’s cool”. For those who want to be spiritually uplifted, my loves just join me on this journey and watch me express and you’ll feel what I feel too. I’m not going to half-ass anything anymore!

Mama you seem to forget, I’ll never let [this] sweet [girl] control my emotions–and when [she] smiles, I feel like a little child. – Infatuation (track 6)(Man I’m so in love with Ally 🌿)

  • Over-the-Knee BootsMahala Faux Suede Over The Knee Boot by Report Footwear from my 3rd Fix from StitchFix, size 7.5 (fits like a dream) $90 (but I got 25% off my whole stitchfix order (5 items) since I kept all 5 items) They’re a bit more olive-toned in real life but the exposure at sunrise made them show really brown. You can buy them here, choose the color Olive if you want these exact ones this is a better example of the color.
  • Necklace – My beautiful and sweetheart girlfriend saw me wanting this at our favorite coffee shop (Vintage Vino’s) a glass-blown heart with a charm, sooo adorable, and I loved how it went with this outfit! So yes, necklace from Ally.
  • Damn I had a good hair day! I think all the hair supplements and diff shampoos have been doing me good. Let me know if you want a hair growth post.

I did this shoot on March 3rd and it’s the 31st so I might as well take my sweet-ass time making it quality so I can express what I need to express to finally get it out of my system. Hahaha what that means is I’m putting in sooo much effort to this post and adding so many little details…hey leave me a comment if you notice anything cool! And now to resume, into our Love’s Embrace (by Christina Aguilera; track 7 of Stripped). AKA the most beautiful interlude I’ve ever even heard.

But then the next track, Loving Me 4 Me, gets me every time. I’m immersed in this song always. It reminds me of this angel I have in my life, the way she’s always there and makes me want to fly because she makes me feel like I’m flying — and no, it’s not because I drink Red Bull. Hahaha. The other day I bought her a bag full of mulch. I say stupid things to her that makeup for everything in the entire world. We have a language, we have an intimacy, she’s loving me for me, in every reality. I’m getting closer to her in every way and even sharing languages through our music and things like that…it’s fun.

“Your lips, your love, your smile, your kiss
I must admit it’s a part of me
You please me, complete me, believe me
Like a melody
Your soul, your flow, your youth, your truth is simply proof
We were meant to be
But the best quality thats hookin’ me
Is that you’re loving me for me

Unconditionally you’re there for me 
Undeniably you inspire me, spiritually, so sweet
This is meaningful, is incredible, pleasurable, unforgettable
The way I feel, so sweet” – (track 8, Loving Me 4 Me)

Soooo Ally, I’ve got to say, I am so in love with you. So many people are against that/us in so many ways. I don’t care. Every day I just want to learn more about you so I can be there for you and give you someone to count on. You make me 398x stronger, because you give me strength and will and…purpose. This will be the fourth 4th of July this year since we started going out and it’s intense. I love you IV. But the best quality that’s hookin’ me is that you’re lovin’ me…crazy. (; We’re now almost done with this, this being the first half of the Stripped duet I’m putting together. Let’s look at how cute Ally & I are.

Babydoll, I want to give you ALL my love all the time. Every time I sing my song I want it to be love for you. But hey…Track 9. Another journey within itself.

“It’s impossible for me to give you what you need, if you’re always hiding from me. I don’t know what hurt you, I just wanna make it right, but babe I’m sick & tired of tryin’ to read your miiiind.” (track 9, Impossible)

Don’t ever be afraid for a second to tell me what’s wrong. Don’t ever be afraid to tell me anything, because no matter how I first react, I will ALWAYS have your back, no matter how extreme of measures. I want to give you what you need. Give you what you want. But more than anything, what you DESERVE. I know what you deserve, I bet my life on that. I’m not always perfect at delivering it, but babygirl, it’s completely possible for me to love you no matter-fucking what. I love your jokes. I love you. Your writing and songs make me fangirl. I get starstruck around you. I get like a nervous middle schooler around you, but just in the way where I cuddle you like a monkey. Baby it’s possible for me to love you ANY fucking WAY…you just gotta say what’s on your mind, and consider that yours. Look how cute I am for you. (PS It’s valid for you to be afraid or hiding or whatever, and only do what’s comfortable. I’m just trying to represent the fact that I’m freakin superwoman for you. wink wink 😉.)


Sometimes I feel things like this, you know? Track 10, Underappreciated.

“Half the time I realise
I seem to give more than I get
Funny how things seem to change
After a few years commitment”

Wrong. No longer relevant to me. Do not think that in a relationship wtf! Do not have that mindset. Well, that’s what I tell myself, because I know Ally and I equally try so hard with every aspect, and sometimes she’ll have to hold me up or I’ll have to hold her up more but I’m stronger at certain times and able to be there, and other times when I break down she becomes stronger than she realizes.

So in conclusion my loves, that is such a valid statement, amazing lyrics, and crazy real. But, for me in my life right now, that’s finally the last song I’ll be singing in relation. When I sing about what songs are most relatable to me from Stripped it’s usually The Voice Within, Walk Away (for drugs not Ally lmao), Can’t Hold Us Down, Fighter and, of course, Keep On Singin’ My Song. So that’s what I’m going to continue to do. Keep on singing my song. My tune. My style. My life, my views, my prerogatives, my…everything. I’m going to have stressful days once in a while where I’ll feel pressured to publish a blog post, but at the end maybe I’ll be proud that I put this much effort into it. Stay tuned for the second part of the Stripped series or whatever. For now on imma keep on singin’ my song.

keep on

stripped pt. 2: the voice within (coming soon)

– Abby Lorenn

When Ally Sees Me

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