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“Welcome to my Darkness, I’ve been here a while

Clouding up the sunlight, hurting for a smile

Or something, but something always turns into nothing.

Oh, I drain your life ’til there’s nothing left but your bloodshot eyes

Oh, I’ll take my time ’til I show you how I feel inside

Welcome to my Dark Side.” 

Dark Side.JPG

I can be your reckless, you can be my stake

I can [feel] your heartache, you can [feel] my shame

When you’re feeling reckless, when you’re feeling chained

When there’s nothing left but pain

Welcome to my Dark Side

We’re gonna have a good time.”

-Bishop Briggs, Dark Side (both paragraphs are from this citation)

‘My life has been very mysterious, painful and melodic lately. Not necessarily all at once, for the same reasons. More like… this whole meshy pit of who knows what for who knows why. I tried not to blog so frequently because there was nothing moving forward in my brain so I didn’t know’

See that’s what happened for a long time any time I tried to blog, my words went nowhere. Nowhere to be found. But now, after a rough day, I published my last post literally just about my Flame Boots, and I realized the words were flowing a bit better. So now I have more to say, more to show, and more to know. Let me get started. Welcome to my dark side. I ended up hurting Ally because I pulled her into my darkness and truly did wreck everything like I was wreaking havoc. She broke up with me but I’m praying that tomorrow things will be different…I need to love her, I was made to love her, now I just need to kick my own ass and find a f’n way to stop hurting her and everyone else in my life that I push away through ignoring them, ignorance or just…being mean.

It was 9pm and I asked Ally to do a shoot with me, she was down so I styled her and we looked super dope.

Dark Side; ft. Ally

This was a beautiful shoot. I was worried about my makeup and I thought the scarf was too much, agh. But it is still beautiful, and I actually love this shoot a lot more than I originally gave it credit for. Let’s dive into the outfit details even though I kinda dumbly used some of the best outfit pics up there already ^ oh well right? I got more!

Outfit Details

  • Lightwash Jeans; both of us – both pairs of jeans were Ally’s and then she gave me these ones because they fit me better and that was totally awesome. I have no idea where either of them are from though, oopsies, but the  point is we’re still out here rocking mid/low-rise lightwashes.
  • Ally’s black crop top & Totally Rad ultra-crop top – I kinda crafted our outfits to coordinate. She wanted to wear that little zip-up crop top that I gave her a while back but wanted some sort of sleeves or something over it, so I gave her that Totally Rad ultra-crop to put over it. It was a graphic tee that I cut to be super short so it still showed most of the crop top bralette thing she was wearing. I completed that little look with a black cardigan of mine and a The 1975 (the band) pin that says “What a Shame” because she has this awesome song where she sings “What a shame, what a shame, what a shame, what a shame.” The only thing she has to not be ashamed about is how amazing of a person she is. Like damn tho.
  • My “Fuck This” crop sweatshirt, lace bra bustier thing & scarf – The “Fuck This” crop sweater thing is so warm and cozy like an actual sweatshirt but def is cropped, ultra. It’s from Nasty Gal of course, one of the many things I have to blog about from there. So I put this nude colored lace bustier thing underneath, with a pin on it that says “Heavily medicated for your safety” which I think is SO true especially at this time. The scarf is from my grandma, she put two beautiful broaches on it and so I wrapped it around my neck like a python and tried to get the pins to show, because she used it mainly to display a BEAUTIFUL necklace she gave me but I wanted to wear the scarf with the broaches in tact too!
  • Pinback Buttons on my ‘Fuck This’ sweatshirt – As I mentioned, on the bustier I put a Heavily Medicated button, plus two broaches on the scarf that my grandma put on there, but I also put 3 merch pins on my sweatshirt thing, yay! One, Christina Aguilera white Stripped 1 in. button from 2002 (Stripped tour?), a 2009 The Circus Starring Britney Spears button which I wear them more than any buttons because that concert was important to me, and one from Lights’ comic (with her coordinated album) both called Skin&Earth, with her character En’s face with her beautiful red hair, I love these kinds of enamel pins, I got this from her concert. I’ll be posting all these soon on Celebrity Merch Base.


The song of our breakup right now tbh is Over Now by Post Malone (or that whole new album, including Stay.) But the song of this shoot and inviting you to this dark place is of course Dark Side and everything Bishop Briggs ever created. I just finished listening to Post Malone’s latest album and now I’m switching to Bishop’s s/t EP. I wish I had her album, Church of Scars, but it hasn’t arrived in the mail yet because I bought a signed copy and didn’t get a digital download. 😦 Anyway, Dark Side is on this lengthy EP. As I listen to it I’m going to introduce you to more details of the outfit. I used to just say where the looks were from and that’s it but now I explain WHY with my outfits, not just WHAT. It may bore some people but I swear, if you like fashion even a little or something, you could get down with this man.

Details of the Outfit Details

  • Handcuffs Belly Ring – I can’t remember where I got this, I think from Poshmark tbh, and then I had my dad pierce my belly button with it on April 1st when I was 15. 4 years later and it’s still totally my favorite piercing! I’m choosing to wear the handcuff one ironically because of just recently being released from jail. #38hours
  • Flame Booties – Hot on my heels! I just did a whole blog post about these boots. They’re legendary, and also from Nasty Gal.
  • Ally’s Keds (Sneakers) – We found these at goodwill and they’re super cute but Dunco her puppydog thought they were a snack at one point. Not a snack Dunco.
  • Cigarettes – I smoke Marlboro 27 100s, my match made in heaven. Ally smokes menthol black Marlboro 100s. I am NOT promoting smoking. It just really is nice to have something like that when I’m dealing with all this shit in my life. Can’t blame me quite yet.
  • Red Fishnet Glove – No idea where this came from but man it has lived a life. Lol! not enough though! I had to include it. I think I got it from my stepmom, Jessie. I’m going to start selling some stuff for her online, but for now you should checkout her Facebook page for her jewelry!
  • Lipstick – I was wearing brightass red lipstick and that’s ALL I remember, I think it was Jeffree Star Cosmetics in Redrum? I love their velour liquid lipsticks. That’s about it for a matter of importance.

Some more pictures for y’all’s delight.

We’re actually really cute, we just get bored sometimes. But this woman is a sweetheart. We worked shit out already and I’m not even gonna edit the beginning part of this post, because we really are a roller-coaster and…that’s what we’ve accepted. I can love you desperately, but your love ain’t guaranteed… maybe we’ll hit the point of “unconditional” support, love and trial-slamming soon. But look how far our hair has come! Wooo!

Last but not least, two more little collages; one is randomly 7 of the last 12 pics (our lucky number is 7 so I try to incorporate it) of us being cute as hell. And then, the last 5.

Man I LOVE this Fuck This sweatshirt crop + merch buttons! Greatest ever! And I like that last pic of Ally and I we always look like we’re dancing. Lol. Plus shiny hair and lots of Abby being lonely.

And to use the very last 5 pictures I had edited from this shoot…


Black & White: The Dark Side


and it’s like none of our business but…

kisses to my love

welcome to my dark side, we’re gonna have a good time (;

We’re madly in love. Truly. And it’s actually our business but not actually your business. But you’re welcome to support us, just cut the crappity.If you don’t like our relationship that’s grand but not our problem. We’re adorable. I love that “What A Shame” button on Ally’s shirt that you can see pretty well right there, I mean I got it in a pack of The 1975 buttons and it’s like, their catch phrase, but in the song that I co-wrote with Ally (you don’t know) she says it 3x and so the pin always reminds me of her and her sass and reality and how her music has gotten even better since even then! The 1975 is SUPPOSED to release an EP titled What A Shame this year but who knows so just buy the buttons (or at least click this link to view this set). Now here’s Ally’s song. Yes, to answer everyone who asks the question, Ally and I are back/still together. I wanna work hard for my baby!

Thank you so so so much, my love, for doing this shoot with me! I loved styling us and I hope you noticed how cute we are! We’re also PARENTS I wanna post all the videos I have of our cute little kids! Aw scroll to the end to see our new baby from today. We call him Mooshi-Mooshoo and variations of that.

Along with another really really good track from Bishop Briggs’ self-titled EP. LIVE video, mofukuh! Hahaha I didn’t take the video or make it or anything I’m just linking it. Goodnight everybody, hope you had fun on my dark side!

The first time I heard Bishop Briggs was in New York, River, sitting at this cool table in a cool room at Conde Nast for the Teen Vogue Experience last January. The song played and I fell IN LOVE. Soooooo sad I missed the opportunity to see her live! Ugh. I wonder if I still have that old video of me recording the song playing while waiting for the Q&A (with Teen Vogue editors) to start. No video but here’s all this, I def took screenshots of me hearing that song aaaaand WOW ever since…Bishop is my queen. Check out my entire Teen Vogue Experience here.

The Collector Almanac – Want some of this merch or music that I’ve mentioned throughout the post? I’ll list to you the best place to at LEAST get more info about it and where it came from. Also checkout celebritymerchbase.com for everything you need to know about each piece of merch (including this stuff once I have photoshoots for each pin) and you can always e-mail me (abby@ishopfordays.com) to request me to post a certain merch item sooner!

 Merch Included: 1 of 6 Tour 2017 Pinback Button Set from The 1975 (sold out on official site, try eBay), 1 of 3 Skin&Earth 2018 Character Enamel Pins from Lights (available for sale NOW on official site), 1 of 5 Stripped tour 2002 1″ pin set from Christina Aguilera (constantly relisted by this seller for years for a bargain price and I bought mine from them so I trust it), and finally 1 of 3 Pins of the Button Set 2009 from The Circus Starring Britney Spears Tour 2009 (which I’ve worn a ton in a ton of shoots) which can get up to a spendy price now; first sold at the tour, then sold on her site, and sold out quicker than hell. I can do a whole search on them and detailed post on my celebritymerchbase.com site soon because I feel like that would be requested a lot. Let me know what else sounds helpful, guys!

And now my baby Pacman frog whom Ally & I are the mother’s of. Happy late mother’s day to us.

But of course we can forget our little Brisk (Brisky-Bo-Burny, Ally’s first ball python who now lives in our attic-room with Mooshi-Moosho and Vinni, our gecko) We have so many children. Signing off now. Enjoy these cute videos.

Brisk, the Cinnamon Ball Python…

And then comes Vinni, the Leopard Gecko!

And finally, of course, Queen Poof herself, Milkshake the half-manx half-long-haired domestic cat (/angel). Here’s a video I took of her today.

She’s such a classic. My best friend.

And a couple more pieces of proof that Ally & I are crazy. IN LVOEEEE

xxo, Abby Jade