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90s jeans? 2010 album by Lights? Hot pink tank top? Rhetorical questions + lots of question marks?? What could that mean? The Listening. The Electro-Pop slaying jams that made 2010 as amazing as it was. I was a fan back then, watching the Ice music video in like 2009. But now I take Lights merch to the next level of course, just because I can, and just for lots of fun. You saw me in a 2010 Lights shirt in the photoshoot “Everybody Breaks A Glass” and with a purple 2010 Lights button in Can’t Pin Me Down & others, but this post is all about The Listening album and how it slayed my life past & present even though I think this shirt is from 2009 but yeah same general era anyway. Hahaha. So yeah another outside photoshoot…woo spring!

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Let’s begin. I just wanna run to you, and break off the chains, and throw them away. I just wanna be so much, and shake off the dust that turned me to rust. – Saviour, track 1

Outfit Details

  • Lights, 2009 or 2010 The Listening era Pink Tank Top (find detailed info on this shirt soon on celebritymerchbase.com) from shopkt8merch.com
  • Thrifted jeans that I ripped holes into
  • Guess double chain/charm bracelet from a thrift store, necklace is a thrift find too (I’m going to start selling thrift jewelry finds) oh earrings too!
  • Shoes are lace-up sandals I got in middle school from Kohl’s, woo!!

The main thing is I really love this shirt, and I really love this era of Lights, The Listening. Right now the song that has been hitting me hardest and is most relatable from the album is ‘Lions!’. You don’t have to feel safe to feel unafraid. I feel that so hard, I feel so unsafe lately and it’s terrifying me to death. But I don’t have to feel safe to feel unafraid. This is how that makes me feel.

It would be nice to start over again, before we were men. I give, I bend, let’s play pretend. And when it’s the end, our lives will make sense… – Pretend, track 6

I didn’t have any makeup on my face at all for this shoot. I was feeling courageous, in my heart and soul. It was a beautiful day, and I was forgetting my worries and letting myself fly. There’s not much to type in this post, it’s more of a display. I wanted to do a shoot with this shirt and I finally did, and there’s not much to say except 1. soon I’ll be selling thrifted stuff more, and 2. That bag is from my Awakening in a Box subscription (Enlightening in a Box, the bigger bundle) monthly! I highly recommend it they send me so many spiritual things.


Fact – One of my favorite pieces of The Listening merch is the signed CD I have, here’s a screenshot from my CD Instagram account.

The Listening

It’s totally rad. I love this photoshoot, too. It says a lot about me and is slightly raw-er than others before this. I may not have too much to say but I’m seriously floating up, up, and away.

The Listeningy7

Forget me. Go your own way.

Replaying the album again and my heart aches and hurts bad. What’s really relatable is Drive My Soul. I’m so lost right now. When she’s gone will I lose control? Yes. She’s the only road I know. She shows me where to go…Who will drive my soul? When I lose control? Because she’s the only road I know, and she shows me where to go. Who will drive my soul? I’m lost, and I’m drowning.

She’s gone, and I’m about to lose all control. The levy is breaking. I don’t mean to ever pressure her, but she’s the only road I know now.

who will drive my soul....JPG

I’m so sorry to ever disappoint you. To ever hurt you. To play mind games as if we have the emotional currency left to fight it off. I don’t mean to. Babygirl I’m so lost. I only feel found when you’re here. I hope that doesn’t fuck things up for you too much, but I’m trapped in this prison now, behind enemy lines, and I’m scared. I’m scratching at your door until my fingers bleed but I don’t know how to communicate with anything butj sobbing. I wish you could hold me. I’m really sorry that I’m not strong now…not without you. That’s the real shit. I hope the River leads me…

“Please excuse me, I’m not thinking clear. It must just be stress. But I likely shouldn’t be here… I’m such a mess.

“I never really ever know what to say, when all of my emotions get in the way. I’m just trying to get us on the same page…

I always get it better right afterwards, when all the wrong impressions are said and heard. How come I can never get the right words, I need to convey?

Wish I could explain the things that I have to work out. I don’t feel right…what has come over me? I’m about…to lose my mind.” – The Listening, album title track, SO relatable, track 4

“Can I let the trees do the talking?
Can I let the ground do the walking?
Can I let the sky fill what’s missing?
Can I let my mouth do the listening?”


The Listening…

to end it all, here’s the links to all my other Lights merch relating to 2009-2010 & stuff.

Blue 2010 Lights shirt from The Listening era in my Somewhere Perfection Lies… post. Also posted on my Celeb Merch Base site, recorded here. Also from the kt8merch site which I linked above.

And this beautiful video using the acoustic version of Saviour that I made in December 2016 that I frequently repost in my posts. I love you, Ally. I just wanna run to you… Your arms make me feel safer than any other place. Sigh.