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It’s me again. I’m blogging for dayyyys. I’ve really been thinking a lot about the word Integrity lately and I wanted to touch on that a little bit. However, today is also the 1st birthday of these awesome flame boots that I got from Nasty Gal, and I wanted to also make this a duo-appreciation post where we could appreciate those boots in all their glory of just one year of Shopping For Days. These boots have kicked some ass! This will also give a sneak peak of my upcoming blogshoot, Dark Side, which will begin my whole new era.

Happy birthday, flame boots! Yes, I am definitely making a blog post solely about my fire boots & integrity.

They made their first appearance in Peachy & Keen, on May 10th, 2017.

You can check out that blog post here.

Next the boots were used in millions of numerous looks and outfits… Like,

August 5th (2017) – The Fame (my look to the Lady Gaga concert)

Then again in November, the day after my birthday, for my My Prerogative shoot/Culture Shock post.

Isn’t that one like the best?! Easily my favorite shoot of 2017!

But then these boots found their way into 2018… Haha! This shoot is called Dark Side and is going to be published following this post, sometime either today or this week.

So as you can see these have had a happy life with lots of diverse outfits. I thought this would be a fun way to show how I can take one article of clothing and turn it into a million different looks. See you soon on the Dark Side!