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It’s been one month so I’ve finally picked an official breakup song for this round. It’s Awake by Alison Wonderland! I also got a sickass 5-piece pre-order bundle recently from Alison Wonderland for the ‘Awake’ titled album, so I incorporated that into a photoshoot I did with one of my best peeps of this era. She’s dope, let’s get into this post.

“I get it, I messed up, you pushed it, I fell off
You’ll always be better in your own eyes

Goodbye my friend
It’s been too long
I know you’ve been away
Too much was said
Too much was done
And now I’m wide awake.”

Good morning everyone. Hopefully I can get this blog post up today, because it’s seriously awesome and I gotta show y’all. I did this photoshoot with Natalia while I was decked out in Alison Wonderland merch until I realized that the name of her new album, AWAKE, is so perfect for this next blog post. I really feel awakened or like I was sleeping my whole life. Everything seems to make sense, in both good and bad ways. I love everything. And everyone. I have so much love. Let’s get into this photoshoot where I was creative director and stylist, unlike the next shoot Nat & I will do together. I will say that this was easily one of the most fun shoots I’ve ever done, a lot more fun than my last post and I felt so much like myself. The camera caught our ‘ghosts’ because of the mode we put it on. Lol.

As for outfit details, my boots are Dr. Martens and other than that who the heck knows. Lol, this was crazy outfit city USA. It was so awesome. My shirt and socks were both Alison Wonderland merch tho, along with my lovely ‘hair’ freshener. Hahaha. The one thing I will note though is that our bomb friend Jessie makes cool clay things & jewelry & stuff and that’s where that star pendant is from, I wore that thing like every single day for a month it meant a lot to me. I love her art! We’re going to try to help her get that stuff sold. Also, Nat gave me tons of clothes to modify to look cuter, and it’s gonna be so fun because that’s just the task I need!! Anyway here’s more fun(ny) pics.

This chickadee is super fun to hangout with. I wanna keep her. Plus I mean she’s a lot more real than most people these days. Even though she has scary ghost creatures like me when we take pics on this setting. Hahaha either way, the song Church which is on the Awake album is sooo relatable for me and the l0ser who Nat & I both can’t help but love but screw him because he’s just a user of every sense of the word, like here, look at these Church lyrics.

“I don’t know what I’m meant to do

All I know is I believe in you

So praise me up for the things I’ve done!!

(I’m nearly sure I’m the only one)

I shouldn’t let you get to me, but you do

I let you take it out on me, yes it’s true.” 

Sorry bro. I’m done with that. That’s lame. You suck. But nice to know you care so much about how much of my emotional and literal currency I spent on you. OH well.

Also, I know Natalia is pretty awesome and I want to hog her and all, but feel free to hit her up for a good ‘hang sesh’ if you got cash. She accepts that. Also from now on I’m only accepting my apologies in cash. Just kidding!….Nobody apologizes to me anyway. Noobs. Lol, but hey, some final appreciation for this merch that I’m wearing. I’m a little boring today with not too much to type because mostly I want to crawl into a hole, and I’m outta cigarettes dangit.

My brother randomly came outside when we were doing our shoot, so surprise! He’s in a picture. Lol. Omg tho, look how good my hair looks, like it’s so soft and red and luscious who knew. So yeah that shirt, socks and air freshener came with the pre-order bundle as well as the CD and of course this signed 12×12 album artwork poster, let’s get back to that fun thing and the cute little altar I made under it. Just ’cause. I like having that part of my room be cute and spiritual. I’m not worshiping Alison…Although I better treat her like church.

That’s a cute lil setup. Anyway, my altar includes a lot of vital things, some of which I’ll be exploring in future blog posts. For instance, the ‘love’ water bottle from one of my Awakening in a Boxes, I’m thinking of doing a post of like allll my boxes so far (I subbed in January). Also the Cannuka lip balm, I’ll be reviewing the 3-piece outdoor recovery skincare set of theirs soooon! And I might do a post on Crystal Fusion Cosmetics (maybe?) but also that little blue potleaf is another clay creation from my friend Jessie, it’s super cute I love setting it next to a CBD-active lip balm. Sends a good message. And hey props to my smudging tools because they’re like my fave things ever (the burning items in the abalone shell) and a final shoutout to keeping a selenite tower as well as a black obsidian pyramid by my bed while I sleep, that and my Himalayan salt lamp really help me sleep at night. At least, with a little more peace than usual. And I use the book pages as a coaster. But hey just for fun do you guys want to see the Happy Place music video? Because I was definitely in it and I definitely have behind the scenes videos of her diving into our crowd! After that I’ll show you the ‘instagram’ shizz and tell you what my fave songs are. So much fun, it’s like a date. (;

Awesome, right? Okay but check out my videos!! Well here’s one.

ISN’T THAT SO COOL?! I TOOK THAT WITH MY EXBF LAST FALL. + RECENTLY SHE LIKEd Nat & I’s pics that I posted on Instagram and commented “Love it” NO JOKE she totally loves my guts omg I wanna marry her.

My instagram is @abbziez if you haven’t stalked it yet! But my other Insta is @cdsfordays and that’s just where I boringly posted the CD. Lol, the tracks on the album are good don’t get me wrong, but right now I’m LOVING all the different (5 diff ones I think) remixes of Church (always one of my all time faves of the album anyway BUT THE REMIXES all but the 2nd one) and then this Easy remix….AHHH. LOVE it. I usually don’t like remixes but Alison Wonderland remixes are damn good!

And this pre-order merch is damn good. Tye-dye shirt that says “Fuck” as a pre-order shirt? Hell yeah! So retrocentric! Jk I made that up. ANYWHO I’m so freaking impressed and proud I can’t tell if I’m as proud as a mom or a grandpa. Check out #cdsfordaysalisonwonderland or #merchfordaysalisonwonderland on INSTAGRAM for my collections! They’re small but dignified. Lol, mostly they’re all about the Awake album. I wanna get more Alison merch but all that’s left in her store is a flag in a hat. I wanna get more of her CDs but there’s only like 2 other versions that I need. Boring. Anyway, let’s checkout some pics of me wearing the FMU shirt for the first day plus when I hung up my air freshener; just iPhone pics, still fun though! The air freshener came packaged in a thing that says “Rollin’ with the homies” as a reference to the 90s movie Clueless. So cute omg. I keep all packaging of all merch in a box it’s fun. So I did a bunch of drugs and wore a bunch of purple and that pic of me scowling was before the drugs and the pic of me glowing was after the drugs. LOOL. But yeah there’s that star pendant from the clay bakaar Jessie!! I’m trying to get her some sort of official site to sell from but hit her up and she’d probably custom make you something. 🙂 For a beautiful price kids! Hahaha half kidding. Wait can you believe it was June 7th that I first got this shirt? I think that’s when I got everything honestly, what took me so long? Yeesh.

Anyway so yeah lots of stuff I can talk about next. I have so many projects I can’t wait to start, too. So many awesome things. Last thing would be, who in SEATTLE is going to Alison’s show on August 10th? It’s at WaMu it’ll be so dope! I’ll take anybody just lemme know if you wanna go. (; It’s an 18+ event tho. Only the big dawgs. Lmao. Anyway, just wanted to shoutout Nat for being such a good friend to me lately. Thank you for doing this shoot with me and for being honest with me and having fun with me. Hope I can see ya today giiiirl. I guess my final question would be…how high were we here? When even was this? Hahaha kidding! Prob-no…

and now

i’m wide awakeeee.