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Welcome again to another Miss Understood! Missy was a post I did from this one Idaho shoot and so I was going to file this one back too because it’s old but also featured Matt. So he was wondering after I posted the last one when I was going to get to these ones. I finally am actually, totally just with this shoot I did a little earlier that year. To do it justice it’s finally just one solo shoot, so Miss Understood is a good one finally! I’m finally getting these down. The dress/skirt shirt outfit is from Dolls Kill along with the earrings. I’m definitely going to do another shoot of this same outfit some other time so hopefully people get to seeing this enough for input.

Okay so let me start by saying I really love these shoes. There’s not that much to it, I love the mala I wore and all, and yes it’s another red haired shoot. What’s next is I still have a bunch from Dolls Kill and other shoots and stuff to shoot but this is only a backdated one for the fact there was no better shoot I could do to beside this one. Here’s the first set actually.

So this was at the apartment, getting ready to go over to John & Diane’s place to do the rest of the shoot. These were the ones with good lighting for the outfit, the rest are like the smeared glass of Liberation which was at Matt’s apartment, by the way. Something to do with fashionable.

With the Matt-middle finger picture alone, we know who’s laptop that is. I really liked naming this Miss Understood because the first times I ever texted Matt were right after I did that shoot in the trailer called Missy. That’s when we started talking. So then it led to here, and I’m glad I got so many differently oriented pictures of this outfit. There can always be more. Maybe I should do a requiem photoshoot with him sometime. I have some good ideas.

Then Off She Went to change the world! I love Ipsy these days I totally do, I got some really good glam bags this past year (since then even). I’m really good with stuff like that. So this would be the little glam shoot I did with Matt, I think I’m going to let it be just this photoshoot. I can’t quite add any other shoots in either, it wouldn’t do it any justice. So that’s basically it! Let me know what you think actually I need more reviews or comments on posts even – my writing will become way more fluid by the 4th one this month, I’m just serious.

And about understanding – one thing I know about Matt’s side of things is that it’s hard to understand someone if you aren’t trying. But effort is different than being genuine. Reflecting your own side of things and showing it (making it shine) is a little bit difficult for some people, but with how good 2017 is of my blog (way better than these 2019s) I think I speak very loudly myself, but it’s not that difficult to write with a writer’s block editor. Haha. The joke is mainly that I’m not that different than most people I know, and my spectrum is huge with what I like. It’s all that writing about myself getting to me, and gettin’ in good. So hopefully the only thing that changes is how easy it is to think about myself and my clothes and understand why I can’t wear that one bodysuit everyday! Like the red tassel bodysuit. You can find that here I’m actually thinking of train/linking posts. Even Missy understood that. So cheers to one worded posts, Fusillade is up next.