So this might be one of the last things I did in 2018- early 2019 but I wanted to post the two ‘white shirt’ shoots that Matt helped me with (at Matt’s place and my dad’s old apartment) to do with Liberation by Xtina and also the Teen Hearts shirt from so long ago – Rot Your Brain. A lot of tethering and tying has happened this last couple of years so this will be one I throw back in 2019 but let me see what I even have to show for this one.

Rot Your Brain is a shoot I did after Genie with Matt actually and it was fun mostly. Just fun. I see why I can string it with Liberation these days so I’ll see how this post even looks with the lack of collaging that I can do. So here’s just that. Recently I showed some girls my printables and I wanted to include a few pictures as hints that I can’t post until I get better with the editor but I thought that be a better spoil. So I’ll be writing with my other blogs for a while actually but hopefully this even ends up fitting in well. Oh well!