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So the thing about being almost completely blonde was that it was rad, but not intentional. I was super glad to get this shoot actually so I’m going to hide it on the front page with the red hair shoots. Not too much to say but I’m still making sure every good shoot got a good file. Like doing my nails better lately. I only have two 2019 shoots left to post and then I’m completely up to date! So let me show you this bitch. The good thing about That Almost Blonde was that I was really able to get these pictures in before my hair was dyed red again, like how I’ve been doing it since 2018. This is one of the only photoshoots about that so I didn’t write it too in depth it’s just supposed to speak for itself. Blonde, right? This came right before Solved the Problem.

I originally had this cool display in the other room that I got some pictures of but decided against posting it with the display. So it’s just these auburn blonde pictures of me. The outfit is totally rad this was definitely like another August shoot that I did. Most of the clothes and even jewelry were pre-owned except this cool mala and Sucker Punch bullet/sword necklace of mine. This green & pink camouflage shirt looks really cute on me too, I got it from my friend and then cut holes in it and tied it up for this photoshoot. I love my whole outfit here too, including these cute pink shorts, it all looked great together in the photoshoot. I also really love how I used to do my jewelry back then too.

I’m definitely not writing too much for this post but I love that it’s the Solved the Problem earrings again. I used to get worried about not getting pictures for certain jewelry items or certain makeup looks but now I really get it. I definitely do. Throwing this to a May and just tiling the pictures actually is suiting this well!

And that was still in my room. Interesting.

And that’s it. Organizing some of my merchandise in the second room. With those red shoes on. I love the overlay here of what I’m doing and wearing. So that’s probably it. Then I took 3 porch pictures.

That’s almost just it. See ya another time.